Friday, March 11, 2011

Review: Lancome Colour Fever Shine 308 Rose Explosion

This is probably the first makeup item i have from Lancome, as i am seldom drawn to the makeup offerings by Lancome, this item is a gift from my friend who thought that the cheery colour might suit me.
If you ask me, frankly i would say i am more interested in Lancome's skincare range rather than its makeup line (which i do find that it suits people with fair skintone, i am a RMK 103 and i have yet to find a foundation in their range that suits me, they are just a tad too fair for me).
I do have to admit, i am unable to find a similar hue of pink among my stash of lipsticks (i am a beige, neutral nude and coral kind of gal), so this is truly my first pink coloured lipstick and it got me rather excited to share it with you gals.
Welcome to my makeup stash.... Rose Explosion... : )

Lancome Colour Fever Shine in #308 Rose Explosion.

# 308 Rose Explosion, Made in Japan.

The cool bright cheery pink with almost a hint of coral.

Swatch of the lip colour on the wrist.

Swatch of the lip colour on the wrist under brighter light.
At first look, judging from the colour of the lipstick in the tube and drawn out of the tube, the first thought that came to me was "What! It's so barbie-like." I was really skeptical that i can carry off that hue of pink. Well, it's only makeup (one of the very few things that i can be really adventurous in real life), give it a shot and so i did.
It is quite intriguing that Rose Explosion does not possess any fruity or vanilla-like sweet scent that almost all of my lipsticks and lipglosses even lipbalms have. I am quite surprised that it smelt faintly of oil, something chemcial, though i can't detect the scent once i put it on.
When it comes to the swatching, the lipstick glides on smoothly with ease like butter, the colour payoff is decent though its more on the sheer side and the intensity of the colour can be build up with layers. The actual colour swatched on the skin differs from the colour that i see in the tube, interesting isn't it?
Most lipsticks that i have in my stash is a little dry if my lips are not in good condition (usually i will apply a layer of lipbalm beforehand), but Lancome's Colour Fever Shine got me lemming for its moisturising feel and the moist texture that i experience on my lips (i wore the lip colour to meet my mom for lunch today).
On my lips, the Rose Explosion does not appear as the cool hue of pink as seen on the wrist, what i see was a glistering sheen of light healthy pink on my lips and that got me thinking "perhaps, its my colour afterall". : ) Honestly, i think this colour suits most skintones.
If i ever run out of this tube, you bet i will get another one. : )

The Price is unavailable as it is a gift, amount of item is 4.2g or 0.14oz, available at all leading Departmental stores with Lancome Counter (Made in Japan).

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  1. Awww.....I love this color myself too!! I got my old one when I was in Hong Kong, and I can't find it anywhere in Canada....sigh >< Tehehe