Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fragrance of the Moment: Flower by Kenzo

A lovely stalk of poppy flower encased in a transparent glass bottle... that was what attracted me to Flower by Kenzo.

Interestingly, prints of the poppy flower in different stages was printed on the bottle for various sizes (30ml, 50ml (what i bought) and 100ml.

Created in 2000 by Alberto Morillas for Kenzo, this is a scent that i would associate with Estee Lauder's Pleasures, not that these 2 are the same thing, they are not even close. It is the feeling that these 2 gives me whenever i wear them.

Flower by Kenzo started with a clean, bright and feminine floral note that doesn't seem to be strong but don't be deceived by it. As time passes by, it gets stronger and some component of the fragrance actually stood out among the rest (i can't really identify the ingredient) and then it stays on until the drydown which has a hint of something woody and powdery.

Estee Lauder's Pleasures on the otherhand is more of a clean green floral without the powdery drydown that one can detect in Flower by Kenzo.

Both fragrances are lovely in their own rights, however both shared the common trait of giving me (the wearer), the feeling of smelling clean (not that smelling clean has any particular scent, its a personal opinion) and bright (no pun intended here), just picture a girl wearing a white dress in the field on a sunny breezy day. : )

Personally i felt that for a EDT, Flower by Kenzo is actually quite strong and it wears nicely for approxiamtely 6 hours on me (4 sprays- neck, both wrists and back), one should exercise caution when putting it on. On the whole, it is a pleasant, clean and feminine floral that is quite impossible for me to hate, just that the drydown towards the end has a slight baby powder like scent that might make or break the deal for some people.

I can picture anyone from 18 to their early 30s wearing this fragrance comfortably, and of course anyone who needs a subtle touch of feminine and cheerfulness.

At the moment, i just can't find anything to dislike about Flower by Kenzo (even the slight baby powder like drydown). : )

The delicate poppy flower.

Top Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Wild Hawthorn, Cassie, Parma Violet.

Middle Notes: Opopanax, White Musk.

Base Notes: Hedione, Cyclosal.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: Guerlain G Blush Serie Noire Spring 2011

I am actually on a blusher and highlighter ban.... i really tried my best to restrain myself and not succumb to the temptation but...... i really can't resist adding this beauty to my collection of blushers and highlighters not especially after i have seen the actual product itself....
Presenting Guerlain G Blush Serie Noire from the Spring 2011 collection....

Guerlain G Blush Serie Noire.

The Velvet pouch that housed the Blush.

The dark sleek luxurious case.

The blush.

Made in Italy.

The swatches, L-R is the equivalent of bottom to top of the blush.

In terms of packaging, i would Guerlain's style has always been one of the more luxurious if not the most luxurious around. The sleek black compact feels hefty and upon closing the cover there is a solid "click" heard, plus the pouch that house the compact has a bright fushcia pink lining which i though was a nice touch. There is nothing to pick about the packaging really.

I do notice that for Guerlain's makeup products, there seems to be a certain scent to it (either sweet and vanilla- like for the lipstick, or a subtle floral for the meteorites), this blusher is no exception, but its not really noticeable to be honest.

Application-wise, i find that although the blush is not silky or creamy smooth, the 4 strips of colours that make up the blusher are versatile (the top 2 strips are more suitable for gals with medium to dark skintone , whereas the bottom 2 strips are more suitable for fair to medium skintone gals), the 4 colours can be mixed and apply like any other blusher.

When the 4 colours are mixed, the end product is a bright peachy pink blush with a subtle hint of shimmer (maybe its the way i sweep my brush on the blusher, i think the results you get in the end depends very much on the direction you sweep the brush and the intensity that you desired). Personally, i felt that the Blush is generally flattering on most skintones.

With 8g of product housed in this hefty luxurious compact, one can probably use the same blusher for a long long time.

Like it?

Yes, i love it (considering my defence is the weakest for beautiful and functional stuffs, especially blushers).
Priced at S$71.00 for 8g, available at Guerlain Counters at Takashimya and Tangs Orchard Shopping centre (Limited Edition).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: The Bodyshop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist

It always happen whenever i have too much things on my mind, tossing and turning in the bed for hours counting countless number of sheep and a feeble attempt to self-hypnotize... whichever methods i have used, insomnia seems to have an affinity with me just when i need to have sufficient sleep or rest for the next day.

On my previous visit to the Bodyshop for Body Treatment, i causally mentioned that i have trouble entering slumber land at night to my therapist (her massage techniques are so good that i found myself drifting off moments her magic works on me). She gave me a light blue and brown weird looking sachet which according to her should be able to help me relax and get enough rest.

I took her words for it half-believing what she said as i was quite adamant that my occasional cases of insomnia is incurable. Well, i spray the "Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow Body Mist" on both my pillow and my body and lie quietly on the bed.

The Body mist has a Zen or Spa-like scent which i smell camomile, something citrusy or zesty (maybe its the Jujube date, i have not smell one before) and a little mandarin orange like even (according to the list of ingredients, it contains camomile, jujube date, geranium, juniper and patchouli essential oils). This concoction does not put me to sleep immediately, rather it calms my mind and i was able to relax more and then gradually drift to sleep sooner than usual especially when i was suffering from Bronchitis earlier from late Jan to Feb (still trying to recover now).

I kept the bottle at my bedside and i do find myself reaching out for it quite often (which is not good as it could only mean that my insomnia might be getting more frequent) or it could be that i am drawn to the scent of it somehow.

No matter what, i say it Deep Sleep managed to perform its intended function rather successfully.

Will i get another bottle when this runs out?

Probably, i suppose i will need it to relieve my insomnia every now and then.

Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist.

Deep Sleep Mist in a dark bottle which is suppose to protect the integrity of the ingredients.

The pump dispenser.

Priced at S$16.90 for 100ml or 3.3fl oz, available at all Bodyshop Stores (currently there is a promotion of 30% off for Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist from 3rd March till 23rd March, the offer is also applicable for Total Energy Uplifting Spritz).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Haul: Crabtree and Evelyn Iris Collection

This particular haul is actually overdue since last Christmas, the hauling was done during the insane Crabtree and Evelyn VIP Members' Preview sale (whereby all the sets were at 30% off, and that applies to all the items in the store, some items that were excluded were the ones already at 50% off).
The set came beautiful packed in a elegant purple suede makeup box with the mirror, which is currently nesting my lot of blushers, highlighters and pressed powders (i will try to photo it when i have the time to tidy up my stash). Normally, i would not be lured into purchasing items due to the packaging it comes in, for the Iris collection, both the collection and the packaging appeals to me, this splurge is unavoidable. : )
L-R: Iris Body Lotion, Body Wash and Body Cream.

Iris Body Wash-250ml or 8.4fl oz.

Iris Body Lotion-245ml or 8.3fl oz.

Iris Body Cream- 100g or 3.5fl oz.

Iris Triple Milled Soap-40g or 1.4fl oz.

Iris Eau de Toilette-100ml or 3.4fl oz.

The pretty Iris motif on the glass bottle.

A closer look at the pretty motif.
I don't have any Iris fragrance in my collection, was never a "floral" kind of gal, and have yet to come across one that i would like to wear. The Iris collection caught me by surprise with its subtle and refined yet very wearable scent that i do see myself reaching out for it in the mornings as well as during those relaxing weekends (if i don't have to work, a nice cup of tea with cookies would be ideal : ) )
The Christmas set is a good chance to haul if the Iris collection is your cup of tea, actually any haul during the VIP members' preview sale is a good one.
Do watch out for the Preview sale (end year) or monthly promotions that C&E does to promtion new range.
The items included in the set are a full sized fragrance (100ml), Bath and Body Gel (250ml), Body Lotion (245ml), 1/2 full sized Body Cream and a sample sized triple milled soap (40g), including the makeup case that the set came in, it cost around S$100 plus.

Priced at:
Iris Eau de Toilette (30ml or 100ml)- S$25.00 0r S$65.00
Iris Bath and Body Gel (250ml or 8.4fl oz)- S$35.00
Iris Body Lotion (245ml or 8.3fl oz)- S$40.00
Iris Body Cream (200g)- S$68.00
Iris Triple Milled Soap (a set of 3, 85g each)- S$ 28.00

Individual items are available at all Crabtree and Evelyn Stores (Christmas sets are only available during Christmas season).

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fragrance of the Moment: Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely

I have never been a fan of the popular drama series "Sex and the City", much less a fan of one of the female protagonist Carrie Bradshaw acted by actress Sarah Jessica Parker and the cult of IT items that seems to fly off the shelves whenever she is seen in them.

I have been using fragrances created by various fragrance houses or even fashion brands, but never a celebrity-inspired fragrance, the idea of using a celebrity to sell something that is personal to me (fragrance choice is a very personal choice to me and i do wear fragrances that people around cannot stand but i don't give a hoot at all), it just screams "wear it and be like me....".

So naturally i am quite skeptical about it fragrances inspired by celebrities, fragrances such as Glow by J.Lo, the Curious line by Britney Spears, Heat by Beyonce, L by Gwen Stefani, the M and Lollipop line by Mariah Carey are just beyond me at the moment, probably i will need to give them a proper sniff so that i won't be called prejudiced by some of my friends.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely EDP.

This is until, SJP's Lovely came along, i was all too ready to dismiss it as merely another feeble commercial attempt to make the consumers to apart their dollars from their wallet. Created in 2005, by Laurent Le Guernec (the creator of a line of Bond no.9 fragrances) and Clement Gavarry (his works include Ck Eternity Summer 2005 and 2007 as well as fragrances for Matthew Williamson) with SJP participating actively in the creating process, i say its not too bad an attempt (personally i felt).

The first thing that hits me when i took a sniff at the fragrance is the light powdery and slighty zesty citrus scent (lime or bergamot), a faint hint of rose perhaps. It is rather unusual from the typical sweet and florally stereotype girlish fragrance that one would associate with Lovely. I was pleasantly surprise by how easily it is to wear and the way it fused with my skin the entire time.

As hours went pass, the powdery and woody part of the fragrance becomes more apparent, i grew to be used to it so fast that i was caught unexpected (a high possibility that i will be wearing it more frequently). It sits well with people around me too and i can't help but felt more demure wearing it.

Not bad, i say. I gather i will finish my current bottle pretty soon.

Top Notes: Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, Brazilian Rosewood.

Middle Notes: Patchouli, Orchid.

Base Notes: Musk, Woodsy Notes, Cedar and White Amber.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Haul: Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome Sample Gift

Following the running out the sample set for the White-Science Premium skincare range, there is a different sample set from Cosme Decorte available at Kinokuniya Main Store with the purchase of a copy of L'officiel Singapore Magazine.

This set that is available for redemption is a mixture of the different skincare range, it contains items from the Moisture Liposome range (hydration), Whitelogist range as well as from the AQ range.

The previous sample set appears to be more complete in the sense that most of them are from the same skincare range White-Science Premium , only the spots concentration is from Whitelogist.

The current sample set that is available.

6 piece sample set from the Moisture Liposome, Whitelogist and AQ range.

There are 6 sachets of 1.0ml Moisture Liposome Essence-a total of 6.0ml.

Best before Mar 2012.

The generous sample of Whitelogist Day Advanced SPF12 PA++ 9.oml.

The AQ Nutritive Cream which is a rich night cream for hydration and radiance of the skin.

A generous sample of 10.0ml.

The Moisture Liposome cream 6.og, should be lightweight in texture.

The AQ Gentle Pure Washing Foam- suppose to enhance skin's resilience.

A generous 18.0ml sample too.

The AQ Powder foundation Meliority in # 301.

Standard packaging for powder foundation sample (with a small piece of sponge attached).

The tone of the powder foundation is slightly lighter than the #302, hence too light for me too.

It seems to me that the current sample set that the magazine is giving away is a mixture of Cosme Decorte's range which might be an attempt to let people to try more of their range.

One thing to note, though not a major concern is that the "Best Before" date for this set varies from year 2012 to year 2015, so for those who are planning to use it as a travel set or to try out the set in the future might need to note the dates. But of course, since they are sample sets, one can easily use up the products in no time.

I would say, a great opportunity to try out premium skincare range nevertheless.

The last time i heard this sample set is running out fast too especially since Kinokuniya is having their members' sale till the 16th of March (this coming Wednesday), i won't count on it to remain on the shelves for too long.

Grab the chance to try it out if you can!

Update as of 15th March 2011, the Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome sample set is still available at Kinokuniya Main Store.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review: Crabtree and Evelyn Aromatherapy Gentle Cream Body wash with Lavender and Rosewood Essential Oil

After a hard day at work, the thing that i look forward to the most, apart from mom's delicious and comforting homecook dinner, it would have to be a nice warm bath to uplift my spirits after the satisfying meal.

At times like this, i would reach out for Crabtree and Evelyn's Gentle Cream Body Wash from the Relaxing line to pamper myself.

The Gentle Cream Body Wash belong to C&E's Aromatherapy range (which consist of 3 lines namely Relaxing, Revitalizing and Purifying, each containing different essential oils for different purposes). It contains Lavender and Rosewood essential oil as well as Tonka and Vanilla.

The Body wash is creamy and it lathers quite easily with the help of a moist bath lily, the foam created is delicate and with the soothing aroma of Lavender and Rosewood (which i detect the Lavender scent more than that of the Rosewood) filling up the bathroom, it sort of make up for the hard day at work.

After the bath, my skin felt soft and conditioned (not the slightly stretchy feel that i experienced from some other body wash i have previously used), it felt as if there is no need for moisturiser application afterwards (which i do cheat when i am that tired).

This Gentle Cream Body wash had my heart, so much that i recommended it to my BBF, Klutz when we stumbled upon it at the last C&E's VIP member sale. I don't know why, but it was on 50% off the original price of S$38.00, both of us grab a tube each (i hope the generous offer is not because they are planning to discontinue the range).

Another thing that i like most about this other than the soothing and relaxing aroma of Lavender and Rosewood essential oil would be the fact that, the Aromatherapy Distillation range is free from parabens, colourants, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, Sodium Lauryl and Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and Propylene Glycol. Its filled with just natural goodness, indulgence without any potential harm to the human body or environment.

I would love to repurchase the body wash again and again whenever i am done with a tube, but due to the price, it is naturally more of an indulgence for me. You can bet, i will stock up more of it if i managed to catch it on a good offer again.

Love it?

You Bet!

I just hope that they make deluxe size of the body wash which C&E US website does show some of their bestselling items available in deluxe size at a really good price. Pity they don't ship here and shipping fees will be a killer for sure even if they do ship internationally.

Priced at S$38.00 for 200ml or 6.8fl oz, available at all Crabtree and Evelyn Stores in Singapore.

A little tip: I use it as a scrub too, especially for my heels, just add some rough salt to the creamy body wash that will do the trick.

Just in case you are interested, you can read about the Aromatherapy Distillation range over here

Clarins Lotion with Iris for Oily and Combination Skin

It's about time to give its due recognition to this family member of my HG stash-introducing the Clarins Lotion with Iris for oily and combination.

I have been through many toners, those with alcohol and those with little alcohol or no alcohol, so many toners come and pass, yet i will always come back faithfully to this particular Clarins Lotion.

Clarins Lotion Alcohol-free with Iris for Combination and oily skin.

200ml or 6.8fl oz.

L-R: 100ml (deluxe sample size), 2ooml (full retail size) and 400ml (deluxe value size).

In terms of packaging, it is packaged in a non-fussy manner, you screw open the cap and just pour the amount required onto the cotton pad, but being a klutz especially in the morning, i accidentally tipped over the tall bottle on a few occasions and there was quite a fair bit of spillage or i would pour more than necessary for 1 application due to the rather large opening of the bottle. It would be ideal if the opening is made smaller to avoid wastage and yes, accidents during rush hour in the morning.

Scent wise, i do notice the presence of a very subtle calming soothing flowery scent (maybe its the Iris?), its quite therapeutic to smell it every morning and night. Love it to the core.

Despite being alcohol-free (which is a thumbs up in my book- i hated skincare with alcohol content unless i am left with no choice and i would avoid at all cost), it doesn't affect the fact that this toner is able to swipe away grime from my face as easy as a breeze (be it before washing or after washing my face).

One cotton pad soaked with the toner swiped around my face and i can see the yellowish grime and bits on it. This is extent of clearing is what i have yet to witness with the other brands of toner that i have used. What's more, my skin felt soft, moist and supple even i took quite a while to put on my serum and moisturiser (which is a bad habit to delay that process).

I have no complaints at all about this longtime HG of mine, except that with daily usage (and sometimes accidental spillage : ( ), the price is a little on the high side for a toner, as 1 full retail sized bottle can last me 3 to 4 months at the most.

Other than that, i love it to the core and would not think of switching unless Clarins decides to discontinue the product (crossing my fingers, no please) or improvise on the formula of it.

Priced at S$40.00 for 200ml or 6.8fl oz and S$65.00 for 400ml or 13.5fl oz, available at all Clarins Counter.

Note: 400ml or 13.5fl oz (deluxe value size) is a limited time offering and only available during certain time of the year.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Review: Lancome Colour Fever Shine 308 Rose Explosion

This is probably the first makeup item i have from Lancome, as i am seldom drawn to the makeup offerings by Lancome, this item is a gift from my friend who thought that the cheery colour might suit me.
If you ask me, frankly i would say i am more interested in Lancome's skincare range rather than its makeup line (which i do find that it suits people with fair skintone, i am a RMK 103 and i have yet to find a foundation in their range that suits me, they are just a tad too fair for me).
I do have to admit, i am unable to find a similar hue of pink among my stash of lipsticks (i am a beige, neutral nude and coral kind of gal), so this is truly my first pink coloured lipstick and it got me rather excited to share it with you gals.
Welcome to my makeup stash.... Rose Explosion... : )

Lancome Colour Fever Shine in #308 Rose Explosion.

# 308 Rose Explosion, Made in Japan.

The cool bright cheery pink with almost a hint of coral.

Swatch of the lip colour on the wrist.

Swatch of the lip colour on the wrist under brighter light.
At first look, judging from the colour of the lipstick in the tube and drawn out of the tube, the first thought that came to me was "What! It's so barbie-like." I was really skeptical that i can carry off that hue of pink. Well, it's only makeup (one of the very few things that i can be really adventurous in real life), give it a shot and so i did.
It is quite intriguing that Rose Explosion does not possess any fruity or vanilla-like sweet scent that almost all of my lipsticks and lipglosses even lipbalms have. I am quite surprised that it smelt faintly of oil, something chemcial, though i can't detect the scent once i put it on.
When it comes to the swatching, the lipstick glides on smoothly with ease like butter, the colour payoff is decent though its more on the sheer side and the intensity of the colour can be build up with layers. The actual colour swatched on the skin differs from the colour that i see in the tube, interesting isn't it?
Most lipsticks that i have in my stash is a little dry if my lips are not in good condition (usually i will apply a layer of lipbalm beforehand), but Lancome's Colour Fever Shine got me lemming for its moisturising feel and the moist texture that i experience on my lips (i wore the lip colour to meet my mom for lunch today).
On my lips, the Rose Explosion does not appear as the cool hue of pink as seen on the wrist, what i see was a glistering sheen of light healthy pink on my lips and that got me thinking "perhaps, its my colour afterall". : ) Honestly, i think this colour suits most skintones.
If i ever run out of this tube, you bet i will get another one. : )

The Price is unavailable as it is a gift, amount of item is 4.2g or 0.14oz, available at all leading Departmental stores with Lancome Counter (Made in Japan).