Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fragrance of the Moment: Guerlain Insolence Eau de Toilette

I got a rude shock when i took a first whiff of Guerlain's Insolence and i thought secretly that it is indeed what its name stands for and i nearly stashed the bottle of fragrance deep in my drawer never to see daylight again.

But then........

I decide to try to see or rather smell for myself what it is exactly like, some things in life might not be love at first sight or smell in this case, you might recoil from it initially but slowly grew to like it and love it in the end. So, a second chance was given to Insolence and this time round, i was mentally and physically prepared for it.

Created by the famous Maurice Roucel in 2006 (the genius behind 24 Faubourg, Envy, L'instant de Guerlain and Iris Silver Mist, to name a few of his work), Insolence is a bold fragrance targeted at young women.

Indeed, i have to agree to the bold part even when i have braced myself for the fragrance the second time, i hesitated for a fraction of a second when my forefinger exert pressure to the spray on my wrist.

The smell of insecticide, hairspray and whatnots that spells chemical and medicinal hit me so hard (and yes though its EDT its strong stuff, my mom in the living room then can detect it too) that i nearly told myself "That's it! In the deep end of the drawer you go!"

But, wait....... after the passing of the initial shock, as the fragrance began to work with my skin, i caught a whiff of violet, rose and something else that is sweet yet not your typical fruity sweet scent.

I tried not to be hasty as i was the first time round and decided to do some work around the house and let time conjure its magic. Strange enough, the awkward or i should even say offensive fragrance "warmed up" slowly, it becomes more bearable such that i kept sniffing my wrist all the time. It smelt more florally powdery, less fruity sweet and there is a hint of wood towards the end, nothing that screamed chemical or medicinal remains.

Packaged in a daring spherical bottle with a interesting cap plus the romantic pink coloured liquid, one would assume that Insolence is a girly sweet fruity smooth floral (i committed the same mistake too and was totally wrong about it).

Insolence is a very unique fragrance that is not for the faint hearted, it is meant for the strong independent woman who doesn't give a heck to what people think and went ahead with what she has in mind, someone who does not compromise and you cannot help but have a strange fondness for her.

Love it or hate it?

I would love to be that strong independent woman with a heck care attitude sometimes......

The spherical bottle.

Top Notes: Raspberry, Bergamot, Red Berries and Lemon.

Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Violet and Rose.

Base Notes: Orris, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Musk and Resin.

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  1. I have just discovered this perfume (after asking someone who smelled of it) and LOVE it. Very unusual, strong and unique. I was searching the web to find out why it has such a dreadful name. Someone must know why they picked it. I suppose one doesn't forget the name, but it's horrible to say it when someone asks you!