Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Haul: Cosme Decorte White-Science Premium sample gift

Got to know from a friend that L'officiel Singapore is giving away Cosme Decorte White-Science Premium sample set from every purchase of their magazine (while stocks last) at Kinokuniya Bookstore. I managed to snag a set in the afternoon yesterday and there seems to be quite a number copies of magazines available when i left the place.

Cosme Decorte is a Japanese Premium skincare and cosmetic line which is under the Kose (brands like Fasio, Esprique Precious, Beaute de Kose, Nature & Co, etc are also under Kose). If i do recall correctly, Taiwanese host Matilda Tao is the spokeswoman for Cosme Decorte.

Being a Japanese Premium line (which spells $$$ to me), its range of skincare products are mostly targeted at whitening, hydration and anti-aging or anti-wrinkle, i wasn't very keen to commit to the products (considering the prices range from approximately S$90 for a cleanser and onwards for the rest of the range).

This sample set gift with purchase of a magazine is a good way to allow people who are intimidated by the startling pricing of the line and yet are interested to find out if it is as good as it claimed that it is as well as people who are have phobia approaching the counters (i was one and still is under some circumstances) lest they be approached by overzealous beauty advisors and felt pressurized to buy products that they are not convinced will work for them.

Now, this sample set i would say is a generous one.... scroll down and you will know what i mean : )
7 piece sample set from the Premium White-Science range.

Crystal Tenor - the whitening lotion (there are 2 types, refreshing and rich sensations).

There are 6 packets of the 3.0ml Crystal Tenor- a total of 18.0ml.

White Lift Powder Foundation with SPF 20 PA++ in #302.

There is a small square of sponge provided (but i prefer to use my own).

# 302 is about 2 skintone too fair for me, might suit someone who is matched 2nd or 3rd shade for foundation.

White-Science Premium Cleansing Cream.

Should be sufficient for a one time usage.

White-Science Premium White Protection with SPF 28 PA ++ (why SPF 28? i wonder).

A generous 10ml or 0.33oz.

White-Science Premium Revolution- whitening, clarifying and anti-aging emulsion.

The washing cream.

From the Whitelogist line -Whitelogist Spots Concentration that contains Koiji Acid.

All in all, i am quite excited at trying some of the products especially the Whitelogist Spots Concentration (suppressing melanin production and prevents dark spots as well as freckles from forming) which contains Koiji Acid (for brighter skin), the White-Science Premium Revolution and the White-Science Premium White Protection with SPF 28 PA++.

All the samples will only be expired in 2014 ( i gather they are really fresh not stale stuffs that cosmetic company want to get rid of).

Get your set at Kinokuniya Bookstores (while stocks last).

L'officiel Singapore magazine S$5.90 per copy.

You can read up more on Cosme Decorte on (look under brand list and you will find it there).

Will give a review when i have tried them out. : )

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