Monday, December 3, 2012

Fragrance of the Moment: Chanel Cristalle EDT

It has been quite a while since I did any Fragrance of the Moment. Well, I figure this would be a good time for it, to give credit for the fragrance that I was drawn to unexpectedly.

Now, I believe that the latest news regarding the banning of ingredients that would trigger allegry reactions by the European Union (IFRA) has set many Fragrance fanatics' heart thumping in anxiety and alarm. The latest ingredient to be banned if the legislation is to be passed would be Oakmoss or Tree moss. Rumour has it, it will come into effect in 2014. Yes, my heart thumped especially hard, simply because nearly half or possibly more than half of my favourites contain Oakmoss. This spells ARMAGEDDON to me and I am not kidding you.

Ok, coming back to the topic...... yes, Cristalle EDT.

This is the fragrance that I have walked pass the Chanel counter countless times and it has never occurred to me to actually spray it, sniff it and ponder over it. My attention has always been captured by those housed in the signature Chanel glass bottles.

I have always been an avid fan of Coco Mademoiselle and the Les Exclusifs line, so you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this gem when I was contemplating on my next favourite-to-be.

The history and notes of Cristalle can be easily found, you can click on this to find out more

My first impression of Cristalle is its crisp and clear opening , a sober and fresh feeling that never fails to wake me up to face the day. Having said that, Cristalle is not a harsh fragrance, on the contrary it is smooth, soft, comfortable yet crystal clear to me. If Cristalle is a colour, it would be a light forest green with hues of blue.

As time works it's magic, I get to know Cristalle better... the softer side came through. I detect floral notes (sorry, I am not capable of identifying them like a perfumer though I wish I can someday), the green remains strong, the two are seamless together and also some earthly woody scent.

It is the perfect scent for the day, especially to work. I find it very appealing to wear to the office, professional yet not boring, it is simply beautiful.

All in all, I have never expected to fall so deeply into Cristalle so unexpectedly. Yes, I was about to finish an entire bottle of 100ml EDT in a record 3 months when I lost my grip and broke my bottle of Cristalle (with the remaining 20ml all lost to the floor). I let out a scream so loud that my parents actually came rushing to my room. I was more concerned about the lost of the fragrance than the danger of the glass shards cutting my hand (which fortuantely it didn't).

Totally loss sleep that fatefully night over it and I swear to get a brand new bottle as soon as I woke up the next morning.

                                                         Chanel Cristalle EDT 100ml.

                                        Picture of my first bottle when I was 1 month plus into it.

To know more about Oakmoss, you can click onto this

Priced at S$124.00 for 100ml EDT, available at all Chanel Counters. The EDP version of Cristalle is somewhat different which I will do a separate review later. It retails for S$144.00 for 100ml EDP, available at all Chanel Counters.

Get it if your life depends on it and stock up on in the face of the eventuality of reformulation. I know I would be, but would you?