Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: Naruko Magnolia Night Eye Gelly

First and foremost, allow me to apologise for being away for a long time..... just need to sort out some things that has been on my mind for quite a while. Anyway, still in the midst of it and yes, i might be facing my quarterlife crisis... what's new? Heh, nothing can help but to tough it out i guess.

Alright, enough of that grumbling..... today's focus is on Naruko Magnolia Night Eye Gelly.

I did a review on Naruko Raw Job's Tear Whitening Night Gelly previously and was impress by the texture and application of the product, especially how my skin appears to be smooth and sufficiently hydrated after using it, though not really that impressed by its whitening effect (which is not visible on me no matter how i scrutinised my skin in the mirror after using the whole jar). Despite failing to perform its intended purpose of Whitening, i am keen to consider repurchasing it solely for the way my skin felt after the application (smooth, matte and hydrated).

Therefore, expectations for its counterpart, the Night Eye Gelly is high as i expect it to perform no worse than the Raw Job's Tear Night Gelly.

Zen-like jar packaging of the Night Gelly, the chinese words on the jar (which resembles calligraphy) simply states what it is suppose to do and that it is the first skincare product to be produced under the Taiwan's Community Fair Trade project.

What Naruko Magnolia Night Eye Gelly is supposed to do?

Stated on the jar: This One-of-a-kind night eye gelly has been developed to effectively firm and tone the eye area. The therapeutic formula deeply hydrates the skin and increase cell turnover rate to promote radiance. An effective botanical complex helps to combat the premature signs of aging.

A close look at the product- gel-like texture.

A closer look- the amount is too much for 1 (double eyes application), it is sufficient for 2 appliations.

The texure is slightly more liquid-like than the Raw Job's Tear Night Gelly.

Liquid-gel like texture allows easy appliation on the skin.

After application.

Like the fuss-free packaging for Raw Job's Tear Night Gelly, the Magnolia Night Eye Gelly comes just in the simple white jar with a small spatula to scoop the product. In terms of amount for each application, i trust all of us sort of vaguely know how much is enough (and yes, piling the product thickly does not necessarily mean that the skin will absorb double the amount and hence more potent.....). Nothing to fuss about the packaging, so far so good.

The scent of the product is one of the strongest i have ever encountered in terms of skincare products. There is this very strong whiff of floral scent, i am guessing the Magnolia to which i recoiled the very minute i lifted the plastic cap off the jar. The scent does not goes away after application like most skincare products, it lingers and lingers and then fade away way later. I don't mind scented skincare products, if you like the scent why not, or if the scent just lingers there for a little while, i will just bear with it especially if the product works. In this case, its is really strong (personally that's how i felt) and for me to bear such a overwhelming scent, the product had better be of HG quality.

Regarding the application, personally i don't really follow the recommended amount for application, i just scoop what i feel is enough and so half the amount that was shown in the 4th picture is well enough for a single application. Application is smooth but i do notice the Magnolia Night Eye Gelly takes a longer time to be absorbed into the skin and the aftermath of it is slightly sticky, it takes a while to dry.

I have been using the Night Eye Gelly every night for coming 2 months, and i am only slightly a quarter through the jar (i don't skimp on the application). I have yet to witness any firming or toning of the eye area. It is fairly moisturising on the eye area though to be honest. In terms of radiance or anti-aging effects, I am unable to detect any at the moment (or perhaps i should cut down my caffine intake and yes, sleep earlier). Nope, nope... none of all that except the hydration bit.

I find that the conventional eye cream works better for me.

The Magnolia Night Eye Gelly is better suited for those whose eye area is not plagued with dark eye circles and fine lines yet. It should serve better as a preventive kind of product.

Will i buy it again?

Its a no for now, unless i do see the results after finishing the entire jar (probably another couple of months down the road... but i am not that likely to change my opinion on it).

Well, what don't work on me, might be otherwise for you. Just my 2 cents worth here, hope it helps. : )

Priced at NT 299 (S$12.80 approximately) for 30ml or 1.1fl.oz , available at http://www.naruko.com.sg/ or Watsons at Taiwan (not too sure about Singapore).