Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review: The Bodyshop Bronzing Powder

I was never the kind of gal that is totally into bronzer... for one thing, i sure am tan enough and honestly i really do not need a product to make me look darker than i really am now.

So, this purchase was really unplanned for and i started to think that i might need a bronzer afterall, especially after a friendly Bodyshop SA eagerly offered to try it on me (i was just there to pick up 1 item, yet i end up with 3 home,.....darn!)

Okie, here you go......

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder.

Shade #03: Matt Medium-11g.

The honeycomb-like bronzer.

A closer look.


In terms of packaging, i would say this bronzer has a sleeker compact compared to Bodyshop's usual style of packaging for bronzers and highlighters. It is much slimmer and there is a mirror inside the compact which is useful (however one just can't help but feel that the packaging looks a wee outdated). I was expecting something that is more sunny and youthful.

The honeycomb-like surface was indeed rather interesting to look at and was adapt as honey, one of the ingredients is the common theme that ties up the entire Honey Bronze collection. It is not those sprayovers whereby a single swipe or two sweeps it away, i can see that the honeycomb is going to stay there for at least a week of swiping or more depending on your usage.

What i like about the bronzer powder is that it doesn't make me a shade or two darker, rather it gives my tan skin a healthy glow like i am just back from a short getaway to Bali or Sentosa. Don't be fooled by the light swatches, the bronzer is actually quite pigmented so i would suggest subtle is best. You wouldn't want to look like you suffered from sunburnt.

As the powder is matt, which means you have more options to play around with, like what i did was to apply Bodyshop's Bake-to-last Bronzer in #02 Warm Glow lightly over it and i do like the effect of it. I tend to avoid very shimmery stuffs whenever i can. So far, i am still trying ways to make this work for me and yes, i picked up not just 1 bronzer this time but 2....

Texture-wise, it is soft and smooth and a swirl of my brush actually picked up a decent amount of powder, so be careful of excessive powder falling off the compact.

I do admit that a bronzer is not something that i would reach out for often, unlike blusher. However, it is a good alternative to go to when you want to have a healthy subtle summer glow.

Not too bad as a my first bronzer i must say and i do see myself reaching for it at times.

Priced at S$ 32.90 for 11g or 0.39oz ,available at all Bodyshop.