Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: The Bodyshop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist

It always happen whenever i have too much things on my mind, tossing and turning in the bed for hours counting countless number of sheep and a feeble attempt to self-hypnotize... whichever methods i have used, insomnia seems to have an affinity with me just when i need to have sufficient sleep or rest for the next day.

On my previous visit to the Bodyshop for Body Treatment, i causally mentioned that i have trouble entering slumber land at night to my therapist (her massage techniques are so good that i found myself drifting off moments her magic works on me). She gave me a light blue and brown weird looking sachet which according to her should be able to help me relax and get enough rest.

I took her words for it half-believing what she said as i was quite adamant that my occasional cases of insomnia is incurable. Well, i spray the "Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow Body Mist" on both my pillow and my body and lie quietly on the bed.

The Body mist has a Zen or Spa-like scent which i smell camomile, something citrusy or zesty (maybe its the Jujube date, i have not smell one before) and a little mandarin orange like even (according to the list of ingredients, it contains camomile, jujube date, geranium, juniper and patchouli essential oils). This concoction does not put me to sleep immediately, rather it calms my mind and i was able to relax more and then gradually drift to sleep sooner than usual especially when i was suffering from Bronchitis earlier from late Jan to Feb (still trying to recover now).

I kept the bottle at my bedside and i do find myself reaching out for it quite often (which is not good as it could only mean that my insomnia might be getting more frequent) or it could be that i am drawn to the scent of it somehow.

No matter what, i say it Deep Sleep managed to perform its intended function rather successfully.

Will i get another bottle when this runs out?

Probably, i suppose i will need it to relieve my insomnia every now and then.

Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist.

Deep Sleep Mist in a dark bottle which is suppose to protect the integrity of the ingredients.

The pump dispenser.

Priced at S$16.90 for 100ml or 3.3fl oz, available at all Bodyshop Stores (currently there is a promotion of 30% off for Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist from 3rd March till 23rd March, the offer is also applicable for Total Energy Uplifting Spritz).

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