Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fragrance Hauling 2013 Part II

Part II of the fragrance hauling......

This time round, I have gotten myself, 2 Angels, 1 Royalty and 1 Icon.... haha...

More review coming up.

Angel No.1 Thierry Mugler Angel EDT 40ml - unintentional purchase.

 The comet...... absolutely irresistible falcon, reminded me of "I wish upon a star......".

 The star within reach which rest on my palm.

 Angel No.2 Thierry Mugle Angel Aqua Chic 50ml - Another unintentional purchase, which would just mean that I need to stop doing "unintentional" purchases.

Look at the silver sparkles on the glass, they are firmly "stucked" to the bottle. 

Hoho...... I captured another star. More to come perhaps?

 The Royalty Amouage Jubilation XXV EDP 100ml - my biggest splurge yet.

 Look at the dignified pose.

 A card that lies on the bottom of the box.

 A Thank you note and the signature of the person who handpacked your bottle of fragrance. I wish the signature is in arabic (the regal feel would be stronger, but then of course I wouldn't be able to understand what's written on the card then).

 The Icon Miller Harris L'Air de Rien EDP 100ml - created for she who started the lemming for THAT bag around the world and had that bag named after her.

 Created by Lyn Harris for Jane Birkin, heard she was intensely involved in the creating of it.

Very intriguing scent indeed.

Total Damage: Burying my head under my pillow, denying committing crimes of "unintentional purchaes".

Fragrance Hauling 2013 Part I

Hi hi...... yes, it is a little late for 2013 greetings. Despite not blogging for quite a long time (yes, procrastination is my greatest enemy) , I have not forgotten to haul.

This time round, I hauled not just a few bottles of lovlies rather, a whole bunch of them which I think some might very well end up joining my "League of Extra-ordinary Fragrances".

I bring thee....... the new members of my fragrance family..... the Chanels.

L-R: Cristalle EDP, No.5 EDT, No.5 Eau Premiere EDP and Coco Noir. 

 The lovlies out of the box (I choose a cloudy day to photograph them as I am hoping to not expose them to too much sunlight- their greatest enemy).

Note: Apologies for the photo, I can't seems to get it "Straighten" up. : (

Chanel Cristalle EDP 100ml - got it during a storewide sale.

If you know my misadventure with its counterpart, Cristalle EDT which you know my heart is still sliently weeping every now and then for the wasted juice (my clumsy self broke a bottle of it). I could have gotten the EDT this time round but decided to try out the EDP which was my first choice when I bought the EDT (It was sold out, so the EDT naturally becomes the next best alternative).

Personally, I feel Cristalle EDP is a different fragrance from EDT. I don't say, dislike the EDP just that the EDT "speaks" to me more. Review of this coming up......

 No.5 EDT 100ml - Splurge on it during a sale as well.

Since I have worn 2 fragrances by Chanel and they impressed me quite a fair bit, I think it is time and makes sense to me to try the legendary No.5. No.5 is significantly pricer than the others in the regular lineup, the reason from what I understand is the quality of the Jasmine used in the composition of No.5. Although it is a EDT, do not make the mistake thinking that it is lighter or weaker, No.5 EDT is none of those.

I think No.5 EDT tells a different story to me versus the No.5 EDP. No.5 EDT is different from No.5 EDP, perhaps like identical twins with very different temperament.

I am a little disappointed during my acquisition of the above 2 Chanel fragrances, not because of the quality of the fragrances but because the lack of knowledge of the sales advisor attending to me.

First thing first, I am no fragrance connoisseur neither am I a Nose nor I can detect "hints of Iris, Jasmine, Ambergis". Everything is based on preference and gut feel. However I am rather certain that No.5 EDT is not the lighter version of No.5 EDP, the former is not the diluted version of the latter. Maybe some fragrances are formulated in that way, but No.5 isn't.

To be fair, not everybody is a fragrance fanatic or addict but to insist on something you don't even know is another thing altogether. Not dissatisfied with the service rendered but a tad disappointed that nobody there "speaks" my language. So, I did my a good customer, pay and go.

 Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere EDP 125ml - Snagged it Tax-Free at the Airport.

Ah....... this beauty, while I have gotten No.5 EDT at a sale, when I chanced upon this quiet beauty I knew I couldn't possibly pass it up, especially at a good price.

Eau Premiere surprises me in a good way. Love it. Glad that I bite the bullet and bought the bigger bottle.

 Coco Noir EDP 100ml - Last minute buy at the Airport.

This is totally unplanned and I exceeded my fragrance budget because of this dark beauty. A last minute decision to flash my card at the counter before I board the plane. Still sitting on the fence, undecided whether to like it or not.

I imagined it to be dark, mysterious, smoky, wicked, sinfully, whatever that one can associate with the seductive dark side BUT...... not really. Will test drive it a few more times before reaching my verdict.

Total Damage: I don't dare to think about it. Yes, I like to live dangerously...... on bread, water and wind. Haha.....

Note: Yes, the scare of the EU banning Oakmoss or Tree moss in perfumery is one of the contributing factor for the splurge but no regrets here at all. : ) What can I say, I one happy but broke camper.