Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clarins Lotion with Iris for Oily and Combination Skin

It's about time to give its due recognition to this family member of my HG stash-introducing the Clarins Lotion with Iris for oily and combination.

I have been through many toners, those with alcohol and those with little alcohol or no alcohol, so many toners come and pass, yet i will always come back faithfully to this particular Clarins Lotion.

Clarins Lotion Alcohol-free with Iris for Combination and oily skin.

200ml or 6.8fl oz.

L-R: 100ml (deluxe sample size), 2ooml (full retail size) and 400ml (deluxe value size).

In terms of packaging, it is packaged in a non-fussy manner, you screw open the cap and just pour the amount required onto the cotton pad, but being a klutz especially in the morning, i accidentally tipped over the tall bottle on a few occasions and there was quite a fair bit of spillage or i would pour more than necessary for 1 application due to the rather large opening of the bottle. It would be ideal if the opening is made smaller to avoid wastage and yes, accidents during rush hour in the morning.

Scent wise, i do notice the presence of a very subtle calming soothing flowery scent (maybe its the Iris?), its quite therapeutic to smell it every morning and night. Love it to the core.

Despite being alcohol-free (which is a thumbs up in my book- i hated skincare with alcohol content unless i am left with no choice and i would avoid at all cost), it doesn't affect the fact that this toner is able to swipe away grime from my face as easy as a breeze (be it before washing or after washing my face).

One cotton pad soaked with the toner swiped around my face and i can see the yellowish grime and bits on it. This is extent of clearing is what i have yet to witness with the other brands of toner that i have used. What's more, my skin felt soft, moist and supple even i took quite a while to put on my serum and moisturiser (which is a bad habit to delay that process).

I have no complaints at all about this longtime HG of mine, except that with daily usage (and sometimes accidental spillage : ( ), the price is a little on the high side for a toner, as 1 full retail sized bottle can last me 3 to 4 months at the most.

Other than that, i love it to the core and would not think of switching unless Clarins decides to discontinue the product (crossing my fingers, no please) or improvise on the formula of it.

Priced at S$40.00 for 200ml or 6.8fl oz and S$65.00 for 400ml or 13.5fl oz, available at all Clarins Counter.

Note: 400ml or 13.5fl oz (deluxe value size) is a limited time offering and only available during certain time of the year.

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