Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fragrance of the Moment: Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan

I have not met a Amber that i remotely like or love, not that i have encountered many so as to speak. However, there is only one word i can describe when i encountered this Amber....


Ambre Sultan....

This is my very first niche fragrance which i decidedly to finally take the plunge on the very same day that i encounter it. Usually i took quite a while to get the full sized bottle (the usual rite- spray some of it on the wrist and walk around for at least 1 hour and decide if i really like it, then deliberate a little on everything and anything and finally to the cashier), especially when there is no discount going on, so its the full retail price.

THIS is dangerous stuff... why?

I was window shopping at TANGS Orchard and stumbled upon the Escentials section which is sort of hidden in the inner part of the TANGS Beauty Hall and i was actually there to check out the Burberry Makeup collection, it was never my intention to part with my money for anything apart from that.

Until, the moment i stepped into the Escentials section and was drawn to the Serge Lutens Fragrance display whereby i reached out for the bottle with amber gold that struck my eyes......

Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan.

The liquid amber.

At the first whiff, it hits on me strongly and i was taken aback by the force of the fragrance. It was really potent, nothing that i ever had in my stash or came across. I wasn't put off by it, but rather i was surprised by it and wasn't thinking of purchasing it at all, until i continued with my mission of checking out Burberry's makeup collection and also the collaboration of Anna Sui with Hush Puppies in the shoes department.

As i continued my shopping, i began to notice the potent thick spicy and maybe a little woody scent began to work its magic on my wrist.....it began to have a certain sweetness to it, a hint of vanilla to me while retaining its spicy character. The fragrance smells warm and luxurious for most part and then it further evolved into a scent that i associate with things vintage (for instance a lit  fireplace library with tall wooden bookshelves and a old leather armchair). The amber gold liquid developed into a being with a subtle tone of spiciness with a hint of wood and vanilla, very warm and cozy, something i would reach out for if i were ever left in the cold.

It does have a middle eastern element (from the name to the colour of the fragrance, everything) which i find it most acceptable and certainly wearable to me even in this humid and hot weather, which it lasts a good 8 hours at least on me.  

This is certainly one of the most complex fragrance i have ever worn and owned and yes, it opened my "nose" to the world of niche perfumery (which can only mean more additions to my stash and wearing the precious liquid amber carefully) and the Ambers.

Note: I do not possess any technical knowledge or sophistated vocabulary to "flower"my review about it so i am going to describe it the best i can with my layman understanding of it.

Background: Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens was created for Les Salon Du Palais Royal Shiseido by Christopher Sheldrake in 1993.

Fragrance Notes: Corriander, Sandalwood, Bayleaf, Patchouli, Angelica, Resins, Myrrh.

Nose: Christopher Sheldrake is also the Nose behind the majority of the Serge Lutens Range and Les Exclusifs de Chanel's Sycomore.

Priced at S$162.00 for 50ml or 1.56fl oz, available only at Escentials in TANGS Orchard, TANGS Vivocity and Paragon.