Monday, January 31, 2011

Misc: Hairdo aids for hairdo made easy

I was in the chinatown area for some toiletries shopping when i came across a shop selling some hairdo aids that are supposed to be super duper easy for creating certain hairstyles as hassle free as possible.
If i do recall correctly, i might have seen those 2 that i have bought that day featured on the Taiwanese Beauty TV show "Nu Ren Wo Zui Da", out of curiousity to see if these gems really do perform miracles as was shown on the show, i decided to purchase them from the eagle-eyed lady shopkeeper who never let her eyes leave me (which i wonder if that is really their way of showing attentiveness, that explains why there is very little customer in the shop on a weekend afternoon..... ).
I present... the Volume Hair Base aka what i call the "puffy hair hairdo aid" (imagine tons of puffy hair on top or the Amy Winehouse look...).

The Volume Hair Base aid comes in a flimsy plastic packet.

Instructions in Japanese.

The pack contains 2 pieces of Hair Base, 1 for a slightly puff look and the other for a more exaggerated voluminous puff look.

A closer look at the material of the Hair Base.

When i opened the pack of Volume Hair Base, i nearly burst out laughing (as you can see in the 3rd picture, they resemble a pair of bra especially the seams portion-me and my weird sense of humor).
The Volume Hair Base is made of synthetic material with tiny grips that will hold on to your hair and not shift easily hence stablising the styling of the hairdo. This also meant that you have to be careful in removing the hair base after use as the grip is rather strong, its quite a breeze removing it after you are familiar with the way it grips (i would suggest a top-to-bottom approach).
Although the instructions are written in Japanese, i think the diagrams themselves are self explantory and with more creativity, you can style it anyway you desire.
I am quite satisfied with the results of using the volume hair base (so far i have used the smaller one a few times), so its definitely a keeper for me. Maintenance-wise, its really hassle free, just wash with water and mild shampoo or detergent and then let it dry naturally (don't throw it into the washing machine, might damage the shape of the hair base).
Next, we have the hairdo aid for creating a smooth and neat bun.....

The hair tool in the plastic package.

A closer look at the hair tool.

While i am quite happy with the volume hair base, i am thoroughly disappointed with this one.
First of all, the material is scratchy and plastic-stiff which makes it hard to maneuver during hairstyling. Secondly, the plastic slits are very tight, so tight that it took me quite a lot of effort to put my hair in and i lost quite a few strands of hair trying to remove my hair from the band (which i tried several times and lost quite some hair along the way : ( ).

The clasp that is supposed to hold the band and secure the hairdo is very very hard to secure and hence likewise the removal part is a horrible nightmare. It's like a battle of strength between the hair tool and me.
What's more, the results of using the hair tool leaves much to be desired, the hair bun is loose and the shape does not hold nicely (i have beyond shoulder length, thick black hair). It is in 1 word- horrible and terrible (ok, 3 words).
Should the hair tool be made of strong and soft elastic plastic and the clasp be made more easy to secure, it should be a keeper like the volume hair base.
Urgh! A total waste of money (its in the "graveyard"drawer right now as i am thinking of other possible usage for it).
Volume Hair Base
Priced at S$5.90 for 2 in a packet, available at Chinatown (i forgot the name of the shop).
Hair Bun Hair tool
Priced at S$4.90.

Review: Chanel Ombres Perlees de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette Spring Collection 2011

Now, i believe Chanel's Ombres Perlees de Chanel palette from the Spring Collection 2011 needs no further introduction as it has been thoroughly at various prominent blogger's blog.
After reading about it on Temptalia (what a name, to tempt indeed!), yes i was tempted to swatch the colours in real and be wow with the buttery soft texture......
When i got to know that Takashimaya is holding a 10% off storewide, i was all set to get it but i am simply not fast enough to snag one and was feeling quite down (though i leave it to fate largely, if its fate that i get it, then good, if not then there will always be something else pretty waiting for me to bring home).
Since i am in the orchard area, i decided to head down to Isetan to try my luck, and so here we go......

The Ombres Perlees de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette.

A close look at the gorgeous palette.

Swatches L-R: Pearly white, pale pink, Burgundy, Olive green and steel grey black.

A closer look at the colours.

Made in Japan.
I am impressed with the texture and intensity of the colours, its buttery soft yet its powder and the swatches are done with just 1 swipe (i hope my camera managed to capture the intensity). The colours are classy and its pearlised... pretty......
The colour combination of the palette is rather versatile, one can easily transist daywear to nightwear by playing with the darker colours. As there isn't any listing of the names of the colours, i can only describe them the best i can.
All in all, the palette wow me as i have swatched other Chanel quads before and being rather dry (maybe its the tester's problem) and some of the colours never appeal to me (maybe for this particular palette, they changed the formula of the eyeshadows).
If i have to pick something to gripe about, it would have to be the price and the amount of product that is contains... S$91.00 for 5g which works out to S$18.20 per gram. But then again, it is a Chanel which means it doesn't come cheap.
Get it?
Yes, only if you are into the buttery soft texture, attracted by the practical and versatile colours and of course, if you are a collector of limited edition collections. : )

Priced at S$91.00 for 5g or 0.17oz, available at major departmental stores (Takashimaya is already out of stocks).

Note: L-R from the swatches, the colours are Blanc Perlees, Rose Porcelaine, Violine Clair, Gris Vert and Gris Noir Scintillant.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review: Paul and Joe Treatment Oil

I got this treatment oil some time ago late last year and never got around to do a review of it, as there are so many things that i would like to share but things always crop up every now and then, i guess that's how life it, so just learn to deal with it.

Now, this bottle of Paul and Joe Treatment oil was purchased during the last Isetan Anniversary sale, whereby selected skincare items were at a discount of S$38.oo dollars off the original retail price of the product.

Due to my oily combination skin type, i am always hesitant whenever i encounter products that contains oil i shun away from them like plague. I was browsing at the counter when i stumbled upon the promotion, the BA introduced the treatment oil to me (which i am totally skeptical initially), when the oil was absorbed on the skin at the back of my hand, a faint soothing orange scent captured me that instant plus there is a subtle sheen left which doesn't feel greasy at all.

The treatment oil can be used after daily cleansing was done, just skip the serum and moisturizer, warm a small amount of oil in my palms and then gently massage it into the skin, blot off excess.

I was totally sold when i got to know that i am able to use it on my hair as well as elbows and knees, wherever the skin is in need of a treat. : ) I love products that can multi-task.

Yup, this is my first bottle of "oil" from Paul and Joe....

The sweet delicate packaging with rims of flowers at the top and bottom.

The pretty bottle of treatment oil.

The sweet flower motifs that was seen on the paper packaging.

The treatment oil.

After application, what's left is a subtle sheen.

Packaging-wise, there isn't nothing to pick on really, if there is something that can be done better, it would be sturdier carton packaging for the glass bottle of treatment oil. The dispenser of the product has a kind of stopper whereby it restricts excess oil being poured out, so you can actually get the treatment oil out drop by drop. No worries about toppling over the bottle, but please don't drop it.

Scent-wise, i am totally captured by it the first time it hits my nose.. gentle, smoothing and uplifting, its a happy smell all in all... so, its love.

In terms of application, it is oil so there is no problem in getting the product evenly on my face, all one needs to be careful is to massage the oil gently into the skin until absorbed, then blot off the excess with tissue (never rub the skin) and then go to sleep (the oil doesn't leave any trace on my pillow or anywhere at all).

When i woke up the next morning, i don't feel that my face or my T-zone being extra oily due to the treatment oil used. Its just like my skin has been nicely moisturised. I have been using this treatment oil once every week or every 2 weeks depending on the condition of my skin as well as on my hair (for about 2 months) and i have only used like 1/10th of it. By the looks of it, this bottle can last me for well over a year plus perhaps.

Another bottle after this one is done?

You bet!

Looking at the ingredients list, i love the fact that its largely plant based. It is manufactured by Albion cosmetics which is also the manufacturer of quite a few well known Japanese beauty brands, such as Anna Sui. Albion has its own line of skincare products but unfortunately they are not available on our tiny shore. : ( I know i would love to try them out for sure. Let's hope the good people who brought Paul and Joe in bring Albion in too.

Priced at S$70.00 for 40ml or 1.3fl.oz. available at Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Isetan Scotts and Orchard.

Main Ingredients: Limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil, Olea Europaea (olive) fruit oil, Triethyexanoin, Polyglyceryl-2 Trisostearate, Oleyl Oleate, Isotridecyl Isononoate, Propylene Glycol, Dicaprate, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (orange) oil, Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) oil, Rosa Canina fruit oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, Vitis Vinifera (grape) seed oil, BHT, Squalene, fragrance (parfum) and Limonene.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review: RMK Face Protector SPF 31

I was never a sunscreen or sunblock kind of gal during my teenage years even though my CCAs in schools are the ones that has the most sun exposure and i do assure you the word "fair" never had its place in my dictionary. Especially after all that Banana Boat sunscreen and Coppertone which i detest till this today (because of the smell and the whitish layer over your skin after application).

As the years went on and of course after knowing that exposure to excess sunlight is the main culprit for premature aging of the skin and the reason for skin cancer, i started to take sunscreen seriously (no gal, no gal would like to have freckles on her face unless she is Jodie Foster).
For the longest time, i have been using Clarins UV Plus Protective Day Screen SPF 40 PA +++ (which protects against UVA and UVB, as well as external environment pollution), it has been working well for me, so far so good, even though i have oily combination skin type, the day screen work well for me. My only gripe would be its hefty price - S$75.00 for 30ml, which translate to a bottle every 3 months or so.... not friendly on my pocket i would say.

And so, begins my quest for the more pocket friendly substitute.....
I present RMK Face Protector SPF 31 (which i have gotten during the last Isetan Anniversary sale)......

The simple white packaging.

In terms of packaging, there isn't really anything to comment, except that it is a simplistic thin white board kind of packaging. The face protector comes in the form of a silver tube (a little like toothpaste, except that the opening of the tube is narrow which helps to dispense the appropriate amount required one application and to retain the integrity of the product too, i suppose), and this kind of packaging is commonly seen for a lot of sunscreens or sunblocks in the market.

There is a obvious smell of alcohol when i got the product out of the tube but it fades off minutes after the application. I do admit i am rather uncomfortable with that as i do not like to have alcohol content in my skincare products (especially in this case, alcohol is the second ingredient listed which would indicate that there is a significant percentage of alcohol in the face protector).

Applicationwise, as the face protector is water-based the consistency of the face protector is thin and spreads easily across the surface of the skin and is easily absorbed into the skin as well, plus there is a tinge of cooling sensation when the product is applied (i would say its due to the alcohol). After the product is absorbed, my skin doesn't feel like i have applied sunscreen to it and its transparent (this is the aspect that i like about the product).

The Paint-tube like dispenser.

The milky white texture of the face protector.

The texture of the face protector after spreading it out.

After application of the face protector.

Function-wise, i find that the face protector might offer insufficient protection if you are planning for outdoor activities as it is only SPF 31 (a little unclear if the product is able to offer protection for UVA or/and UVB). On the other hand, if you are the indoor staying kind of gal, SPF 31 PA+ should offer sufficient protection.

Personally, i like my sunscreen to be able to protect me from both UVA and UVB and the high alcohol content in the ingredients of the face protector made me think twice about getting a second tube of the product. I have been using it for nearly a month and i would say i am about a third through the tube. Although i am not fond of the high alcohol content in the product, so far i have not suffered any adverse effects from the product.

This product contains Methicone and mineral oil, so take note if methicone breaks you out, you might want to avoid this product.

Currently, i am still siting on the fence on this one...... i like the texture and how it applies but i am not confident of the protection it can offer and yes, alcohol as one of its main ingredients, plus even though the price is more pocket friendly than Clarins's sunscreen, it remains in the mid to high price range for a sunblock or sunscreen.

I would say, test it for yourself..... i am most likely to revert back to my trusty Clarins after i have finished this tube and continue the journey on my search for the HG sunscreen.

Priced at S$46.00 for 35g or 1.22oz (available at Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Isetan Shopping Centre).

Main Ingredients:Water (aqua), Alcohol, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Zinc oxide, Isocetyl Myristate, Cyclomethicone, Glycerin, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Mineral Oil(Paraffinum Liquidum), Polysorbates 85, Methicone, Xanthan Gum, Butylene Glycol, Octyltrimethoxysilane coated titanium dioxide, Disodium Edta, Bht, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ghost of Christmas Past- Part II Givenchy and YSL

Okie, i confess... i have not been doing my blogging as regularly as i hope to... this is a post that should have been done straight after the Ghost of Christmas Past- Christian Dior Collectibles.
Apart from the major clearing and cleaning of my room (getting ready for Chinese New Year....last minute clean up irritates me to no end) and making New Year Resolutions and stuffs like that .......
Yep, i am pretty busy these few days and plus not feeling too well too....
Well, without further delay......i present the Ghost of Christmas Past- Part II.
YSL Bag Accessory 2007- Solid Perfume(Elle) and Lip GLoss (A Bright Fuschia Pink):

The Compact but flimsy packaging.

The locket-like YSL metal container, the one that is all gold holds the solid perfume while the one with pink YSL wording contains the lip gloss.

A Closer look at the accessory.

YSL Love Collection Lip Makeup Palette from 2008:

The Heart-shaped necklace with red Swarovski Crystals.

There is a lip brush hidden at the top of the heart.

The bright red lipstick and sheer white shimmer lip gloss.

Givenchy Pocket Beauty Case from 2008:

Accessory that is both a lip gloss and a cheek stain.

Neat cover that holds that treasure.

The pocket watch-like accessory.

The Pale pink lip gloss and cream blusher.
As i have mentioned previously in my other posts, i am a sucker for pretty packaging, which explains why i can't bear to use them all at once, but as a Good friend of mine always say, "Use them, or they will go bad anyway." I will work harder to make full use of them... will try....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Haul: Promod Accessories

I simply love post-christmas sale...... that's when all the best bargains are churned up......

I was never a fashion clothing brand kind of fan, so when i realised that i am buying increasing more stuffs from a single brand, i will usually put myself on a red alert (to avoid becoming an addict like some friends around me).

Never have i managed to find things of various categories to suit me until now (its usually bottoms from Dorothy Perkins, tops from Warehouse or Miss Selfridge, hair accessories from Evita Peroni , etc). I managed to find all the stuffs that i really like, fits me well and suits me from just 1 single shop- Promod and this has never happened to me as i like to mix and match all around.
Anyway, Promod got me hooked from the very first dress i bought from them last year, since then i have been checking out their collection regularly (a stalker at their various outlets in
Now, their post-christmas sale really got me hooked even more..... its really value for your bucks during sales if their style is right up your alley.

Here are the accessories i have hauled that fateful day (and i wasn't even planning to buy anything at all... (-_-)

2 Hairbands with beads and pearls.

Grey and black lace hairband with grayish silver pearls- S$7.90 (fromS$16.90).

A closer look at the intricate design. Ideal for dinner or party.

Bronze and black multi-coloured beads hairband- S$9.90 (from S$16.90)

Love the leave design.

Multi-strand chain and beads necklacce- S$19.90 (from S$29.90).

The feather can be detached to be used as a brooch or to clip on to a plain hairband for a touch of glam.

All in all, i love a good sale and this is definitely of one those that you really get more bangs for your bucks.
Love it.
I will wait in anticipation eagerly for the next one.

Haul: The Bodyshop's Festive Indulgence

My first haul of the year.....

It's from the Bodyshop.....

Don't call me obsessive, try them out for yourself and you will know why i haul that many.......

Top view of the goodies in the paper bag.

Up front and personal with the goodies. : )
What can i say?
The show gels are 50% off (it's a 1 for 1), except the Jolly Orange soap which is 40% off, these are seasonal and to miss them, i would need to wait till November 2011, they are soap-free and the scents make me happy.
And so, i came home with an armful of Jolly Orange, Cranberry Joy and Spiced Vanilla shower gels, i was planning to lug more home especially Spiced Vanilla and Cranberry Joy, but they were sold out like hotcakes at the various branches of the Bodyshop near my workplace.
I would say, snag a few if you can and indulge in them. Enjoy!

Shower Gels- Jolly Orange, Cranberry Joy and Spiced Vanilla
Priced at S$14.90 for 2 festive shower gels (250ml each), available at all Bodyshop while stocks last.
Soap- Jolly Orange, Cranberry Joy and Spiced Vanilla
Priced at S$7.9 each for 100g (before 40% off), available at all Bodyshop while stocks last ( i was told only Jolly Orange is available currently).

Hello to 2011- Greeting from my "Family" (@ _ @)

This entry is not related to any of my beauty obsession, just purely out of fun. I was never a soft toy person and would never have thought that i would become one unknowingly, until i was clearing stuffs out from my room......

The "Treasures" from friends and family members...