Monday, March 14, 2011

Fragrance of the Moment: Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely

I have never been a fan of the popular drama series "Sex and the City", much less a fan of one of the female protagonist Carrie Bradshaw acted by actress Sarah Jessica Parker and the cult of IT items that seems to fly off the shelves whenever she is seen in them.

I have been using fragrances created by various fragrance houses or even fashion brands, but never a celebrity-inspired fragrance, the idea of using a celebrity to sell something that is personal to me (fragrance choice is a very personal choice to me and i do wear fragrances that people around cannot stand but i don't give a hoot at all), it just screams "wear it and be like me....".

So naturally i am quite skeptical about it fragrances inspired by celebrities, fragrances such as Glow by J.Lo, the Curious line by Britney Spears, Heat by Beyonce, L by Gwen Stefani, the M and Lollipop line by Mariah Carey are just beyond me at the moment, probably i will need to give them a proper sniff so that i won't be called prejudiced by some of my friends.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely EDP.

This is until, SJP's Lovely came along, i was all too ready to dismiss it as merely another feeble commercial attempt to make the consumers to apart their dollars from their wallet. Created in 2005, by Laurent Le Guernec (the creator of a line of Bond no.9 fragrances) and Clement Gavarry (his works include Ck Eternity Summer 2005 and 2007 as well as fragrances for Matthew Williamson) with SJP participating actively in the creating process, i say its not too bad an attempt (personally i felt).

The first thing that hits me when i took a sniff at the fragrance is the light powdery and slighty zesty citrus scent (lime or bergamot), a faint hint of rose perhaps. It is rather unusual from the typical sweet and florally stereotype girlish fragrance that one would associate with Lovely. I was pleasantly surprise by how easily it is to wear and the way it fused with my skin the entire time.

As hours went pass, the powdery and woody part of the fragrance becomes more apparent, i grew to be used to it so fast that i was caught unexpected (a high possibility that i will be wearing it more frequently). It sits well with people around me too and i can't help but felt more demure wearing it.

Not bad, i say. I gather i will finish my current bottle pretty soon.

Top Notes: Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, Brazilian Rosewood.

Middle Notes: Patchouli, Orchid.

Base Notes: Musk, Woodsy Notes, Cedar and White Amber.

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