Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: Guerlain G Blush Serie Noire Spring 2011

I am actually on a blusher and highlighter ban.... i really tried my best to restrain myself and not succumb to the temptation but...... i really can't resist adding this beauty to my collection of blushers and highlighters not especially after i have seen the actual product itself....
Presenting Guerlain G Blush Serie Noire from the Spring 2011 collection....

Guerlain G Blush Serie Noire.

The Velvet pouch that housed the Blush.

The dark sleek luxurious case.

The blush.

Made in Italy.

The swatches, L-R is the equivalent of bottom to top of the blush.

In terms of packaging, i would Guerlain's style has always been one of the more luxurious if not the most luxurious around. The sleek black compact feels hefty and upon closing the cover there is a solid "click" heard, plus the pouch that house the compact has a bright fushcia pink lining which i though was a nice touch. There is nothing to pick about the packaging really.

I do notice that for Guerlain's makeup products, there seems to be a certain scent to it (either sweet and vanilla- like for the lipstick, or a subtle floral for the meteorites), this blusher is no exception, but its not really noticeable to be honest.

Application-wise, i find that although the blush is not silky or creamy smooth, the 4 strips of colours that make up the blusher are versatile (the top 2 strips are more suitable for gals with medium to dark skintone , whereas the bottom 2 strips are more suitable for fair to medium skintone gals), the 4 colours can be mixed and apply like any other blusher.

When the 4 colours are mixed, the end product is a bright peachy pink blush with a subtle hint of shimmer (maybe its the way i sweep my brush on the blusher, i think the results you get in the end depends very much on the direction you sweep the brush and the intensity that you desired). Personally, i felt that the Blush is generally flattering on most skintones.

With 8g of product housed in this hefty luxurious compact, one can probably use the same blusher for a long long time.

Like it?

Yes, i love it (considering my defence is the weakest for beautiful and functional stuffs, especially blushers).
Priced at S$71.00 for 8g, available at Guerlain Counters at Takashimya and Tangs Orchard Shopping centre (Limited Edition).

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