Monday, March 7, 2011

Review: Bourjois Metallise Eyeliner in Vert Eclatant 87

I've gotten this from a friend who has no use for it and since i was into makeup and skincare, it went to me.

Presenting Bourjois Metallise Eyeliner in Vert Eclatant 87......

The colour of the eyeliner is true to the colour of the pencil itself, a nice emerald-grass green. Application itself is an easy task, it glides on effortlessly and it is possible to increase the intensity of the colour by simply layering over it. The swatch above is merely a single swipe, which goes to show the intensity of the pigment itself-a nice green with very subtle shimmer in it.

The staying power of the eyeliner is strong and it doesn't smudge easily once it settled on the skin comfortably (which is a mere 20 secs or so?), so a word of caution, do whatever smudging you want fast. Removal of the eyeliner is no easy feat nor it is a arduous task, one just need to be armed with a bottle of cleansing oil, ordinary cleansing milk is not capable of the task here.

I was never a eyeliner kind of gal and have never owned a green coloured eyeliner until this and by the way it swatch, it shouldn't be something that is unwearable (to work?maybe not. For play? yeah, why not). I would say, a nice and interesting piece to add to my makeup collection (i am starting small at the moment).

Nice product at an affordable price (especially if there is a sale going on in the drugstore).

This may prompt me to explore the world of eyeliners.... who knows what i have been missing out?

Priced at S$12.90 for 1.2g or 0.02oz (available at major drugstores).

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