Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review: REN Multi-Mineral Pore Minimising Detox Mask

Founded in 2000 by Robert Calcraft and Antony Buck, REN is a skincare line that uses the latest high-tec bio actives and they abide by their 5 Rights Principles, which is right ingredients, right science, right product experience, right environmental impact and right attitude.

This skincare line that is free from potential irritants is rather new in Singapore (if i am not wrong), and riding on the wave of the "free from skin unfriendly irritants", REN has a cult of followers here.

I chance upon REN during my trip to the Luxasia Warehouse sale, having heard raves about this brand in the cyberworld, i snagged one to see for myself if it is indeed what it is worth.

Presenting the Multi-Mineral Pore Minimising Detox Mask which is suitable for all skin types ......

The simple white and blue packaging.

The tube of mask with transparent bottom that shows the product.

The pump that comes with a stopper.

The thick paste-like texture of the mask.

List of Ingredients:

Packaging-wise, it is a fuss-free kind of simple package with no unnecessary extras, so to me it felt just like its ecco theme. I was puzzled by the white cap-like thing that was attached to the side of the white pump initially, and was on the verge of cutting it off until upon closer look then it dawned upon me that that white cap is supposed to cover the opening of the pump so that the mask would not dry up even after capping it. Its rather ingenious to come up with that kind of design, plus there is a separate transparent sack that holds the mask in the container. There is a certain clinical feel to the packaging. Not that its bad, it will be a matter of personal preference in this case.
Scent-wise, there is a slight herbal scent when i was applying the mask to my face and the fragrance stayed throughout the entire time when the mask was on my face and it sort of lingered after i washed off the mask. I don't hate it neither do i like it per say.
Application-wise, the texture of the mask resembles those thick paste "cement", it is smooth and easily spreaded on the face without much effort. There is a slight warm sensation when i put the mask on (maybe its doing its detoxing job, i don't really know), which is quite comfortable. After a good 15 mins, whereby the mask has more or less dried, i find that using solely water to rinise it off isn't good enough as the mask has already dried and it sort of "stuck" to the skin. What i did was to use warm water to wet my Bodyshop facial sponge and gently wipe it off bit by bit, patience is required here.
After more than five usage, once per week nearly a third through the bottle, i don't really feel the pore minimising or detox effect. Maybe it is meant to be used with some other products in the same line for the effect to be obvious, but to me, the mask is simply just another mask that promised to minimise pores and to detox at the same time.
Like it enough to buy it again?
Nah, i am better off continuing my quest for THE mask that is able to do exactly what it promised.
Priced at S$56.00 for 50ml or 1.7oz fl, available at Tangs and Eccentials at Paragon Shopping Centre.


  1. Hi Ling,have you tried their Moroccan Rose Line? It's my favorite collection from all their products. Glad to see someone else trying Ren.

  2. Hello Alexutza, i will definitely try it when i have the chance to. Was quite disappointed with the detox mask as there are pretty good reviews, perhaps it just don't suit my skin type.