Sunday, December 5, 2010

Haul: Givenchy Haul @ Prestige Warehouse sale !

I shall not say much in this post...... for a picture says a 1000 words and i do believe the following pics say alots.....
Just a mini haul here.. : )

Givenchy Mini haul.

L-R, T-B: Prisme Again! Blush in 05 Smiling Brown, Eyeshadow in 18 Island Sand (Limited Edition), Sari Glow Blush in 44 Maharani Orange (Limited Edition), Prisme Again! Compact in 05 Happy Sun and lastly Vernis Please! in 167 Elegant Pearl (Limited Edition).

The lovelies out of their box.

Sari Glow Blush in 44 Maharani Orange-Limited Edition (S$25.00). Love the intricate indie design on the compact.

The pretty light silver overspray over the blush.

A lovely orange that is unique, elegant and with intensity that is easily buildable.

A compact refill in 05 Happy Sun (S$15.00)

It is a nice neutral.

Pretty even in the pan.

Prisme Again! Blush in 05 Smiling Brown (S$25.00).

Already started on the blush even before i can sit down to post this.

The useful brush in the drawer below the blush.

Le Prisme Eyeshadow in 18 Island Sand-Limited Edition (S$15.00).

A lovely splash of browns. Love.

Contains 3.4g of eyeshadow which is almost twice of MAC's. : ) A steal !

Vernis Please! Nail Color in 167 Elegant Pearl- Limited Edition (S$10.00).

A cool hue of slivery gray. Me like : )
Total Damage: S$90.00 for these 5 Givenchy Babies. : )

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