Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate for Sensitive Skin

First thing first, please excuse the photos as they were taken with my old camera which isn't able to capture images very well.

Now, as i have mentioned previously, i do suffer minor bouts of eczema every now and then. The tell-tale signs of them occurring would be the sudden urge to scratch the skin near my mouth and slight redness around the corners of my mouth then subsequently it will spread to my chins forming a rather large patch of unsightly redness if i am unable to stop it while it is still at the corners of my mouth.

This skin condition started last year (i guess it is stress related) and occassionally i can sort of sense "it" coming when i am stressed out. Not only the red patches are unsightly (why of all parts of my body, it has to be the face? (-_-) ), the patches are itchy and worse if i gave in the temptation to scratch them.

I chance upon a free facial from Clarins due to a promotion approximately 4 months ago, as that was my first visit to the Clarins Institute at Wheelock, i was given a skin consultation by the Beauty specialist (the same lady who would be doing my facial) who addressed my skin concerns and then recommended the appropriate facial treatment.

Overall, i enjoyed the experience of the facial treatment, masterful strokes were applied during the facial and i was able to totally relax to the point that i almost felt asleep. After the facial treatment, I was recommended the Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate for Sensitive Skin by her (after the facial) as i expressed that my major skin concern is eczema (i had a relapse back then). This is the exact serum she used during the facial and true enough my red patches of skin near my mouth lightened significantly.

And so, i came home with my very first bottle of Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate......

Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate for Sensitive Skin.

A possible saviour to my eczema condition?

The texture of the Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate.

A closer look after the application.

Clarins products in generally possess this generic "Clarins" scent that i would associate it with European skincare products (people who hated it claimed that the scent resembles those of soap). This Repair Concentrate on the contrary smells of some minty herbal concoction to me, its subtle and faint, yet it doesn't dissipate even after the concentrate is absorbed into the skin. Nothing to hate really, i am not a scent hater unless its really overpowering. In this case, i think even non-fragrance pro people will be able to accept this scent.

Housed in a little white frosted glass bottle, the Repair Concentrate is dispense with a pump that is commonly seen for serums of various brands. Now, i don't really like this dispenser in the sense that i tend to get more product than necessary for application to the affected areas which doesn't require a full pump of the Repair Concentrate. Considering how little of the product i actually need vs the product that i managed to get out (i did try my very best to exert the appropriate force to get just a little out)- its wastage to me as i don't need to apply the concentrate to the rest of my face. Some improvement needs to be done to the pump dispenser seriously.

The texture of the Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate is a clear watery liquid that resembles lightweight oil. For application, i warmed the Repair Concentrate between my palms and then gently massaged it around the affected areas until it is absorbed into the skin and what's left is a thin sheen of oil which i will use a single sheet to tissue to dab it off. No problem for applicationwise-good.

According to Clarins Website, this Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate is a serum that is meant for highly sensitive skin type, it is a SOS treatment item that is able to immediately calm irritated skin, clear the pores as well as minimize appearance of blotchy skin, it can also repair weaken tissues while nourishing and soften the texture of the skin.

It has been almost 4 months, during these 4 months i have almost encountered about 2 recurrence of eczema (which did not manage to escalate). I took the Beauty Specialist advice to apply the Repair Concentrate as and when i am feeling the recurrence of my eczema and i managed to curb it in control every time. The oil managed to calm the pinkish patch of irritated skin (thanks to my itchy fingers) very fast and soften it. As i have oily combination skin type, this is not an item that i will use on a daily basis on my entire face and i don't think its meant to be used that way (unless you have really really sensitive and very dry skin).

I use the Repair Concentrate in quite a number of ways:
1. To curb and control my eczema condition.
2. As a weekly facial treatment item (meaning i simply slap on the serum/oil after the usual cleansing routine and a round of clarifying mask- but that's a luxury for me nowadays).
3. Use it in place of my usual serum and then apply lightweight/water-based moisturiser when my skin is really hydrated.
4. Use it to clear my breakouts.

All in all, i love this serum to the core.

It works for my eczema condition and it serves as a treatment to my face plus the formula contains 90% of plants extracts. A highly versatile product that is already in my list of HGs.

My 2 minor gripes here - its hefty price for such a small amount of product and its need-to-improve nozzle pump dispenser.

Priced at S$105.00 for 15ml or 0.5fl oz, available at all Clarins Counter and Clarins Institute at Wheelock Place.

Main Ingredients: Lavender, Marjoram, Licorice, Mint, Soy, Avocado, Perhydrosqualene from Olive Extracts, Vitamin A and Ximenia Extracts.

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