Thursday, December 2, 2010

Haul and Review: Benefit Some Beauty to Love Limited Edition Set

Nothing can hold a beauty addict back especially when you know that you are going to get more bangs for your bucks and since it is that time of the year again.... yeah Christmas season...
Cosmetic brands and companies will launch all the makeup and skincare goodies that proves to be too good too resist.
I am a easy prey when it comes to value for money sets (which include items that i am using and things that i really want to try for the longest time) as well as exclusive Limited Edition releases (regretfully......sigh......).
In this case, it didn't take me too long to decide on taking the plunge to order the Benefit Some Beauty to Love makeup set (My most gracious BFF compiled the orders and send it as soon as all things are in ).
This makeup set comprise of some of Benefit's bestselling items, the That Gal Brightening Face Primer, Eye Bright Instant Eye Brightener, Bad Gal Lash mascara and lastly....... the star of the deal for me..... Coralista Blusher.
Without further delay, i present Some Beauty to Love......
Benefit's Some Beauty to Love (exclusive to Sephora Online)
The set is presented in a cardboard box that resembles a handbag completed with 2 black ropes on top as handles. The sturdy box housed the goodies nicely and safely : ) Kudos for the design, but if the postman or delivery company is not careful in the handling of the item (imagine droping hard on the floor (+ _+), items such as the blusher might break in the box....
Perhaps they should consider those sponge cut-out moulded according to the shape and size of the items or even just 2 pieces of foam (they don't weight much) to keep the items snug and safe.
Nevertheless, it's a cute box that i can use to house some of my knick knacks. : )

The cute bag-like box that holds the loot nicely.

Items from L-R, T-B: Eye Bright (full size), That Gal (deluxe sample size), Bad Gal Lash (deluxe sample size) and Coralista (full size).

Eye Bright Instant Eye Brightener.

Pencil with soft pink "lead".

Swatches: Left- Eye Bright unblended, Right- Eye Bright blended.

The Eye Bright is like a pink coloured crayon pencil and according to Benefit, simply apply it in the inner and outer corner of the eye and it will instantly brighten them.
In terms of texture, it resembles those very soft eyeliner that glides without too much effort. I didn't use it the way that was recommended by Benefit, what i did was to draw a small circle at the brow bone (the area just below the arch), blend it in properly.
Yes, it did brighten my eyes, but not a must-die in my book given the price tag and what it solely does.
If only the price is not marked up that ridiculously high in Singapore, i would say it is a good to have as i have nothing really bad to say about it, except that one have to be careful to make sure that proper blending is done to avoid the "what's that patch of pink on your eyes?" situation (it did happened to me the first time round and yes, i was in a morning rush).
Not much scent detected, although its a mere 1.4g or 0.06oz, i figure it will take me quite some time to finish it with everyday usage.

That Gal Brightening Face Primer.

Swatches: Left- That Gal blended, Right-That Gal unblend.
The That Gal brightening Face Primer is something that i really wanted to try ever since it was launched but i can't simply find the chance (the fact that i have not finished my tube of RMK Face polish tells me that i shan't attempt to buy it).
The face primer is a light pink thin paste that spreads easily and evenly across the skin, it gives my face a very nice and very very subtle brightening effort, i figure it would work better on someone with lighter skin tone (perhaps a shade or two). Nice scent too, a little fruitly though.
My only gripe for this product - 11.00ml or 0.37oz for S$58.00 ?
Nah, its way too much... considering that a tube can last like what.. 2 months worth of daily usage?

Bad Gal Lash Mascara.

A closer look at the applicator.

Swatch of the mascara.
The Bad Gal lash is one of Benefit's award-winning bestseller, honestly i am not a mascara kind of gal, so it holds no magic on me. The applicator is a those of traditional mascara bristles which is cone-shaped with wide gaps in between the bristles which is supposed to volumise eyelashes.
As my eyelashes are quite thick, the volumising effect is not that apparent on me, on my sister on the otherhand, the effect is quite obvious but it doesn't lengthen the eyelashes as well. Pity.

Coralista Blusher with brush.

A closer at the pan.

Swatch of the blush.

The concluding factor that seals the deal for me would be the much-raved about Coralista Blusher. It is a warm peachy pink tone blusher with a hint of sheen that is versatile enough to be used on almost all skintones.
It is also considered by many to be the dupe for Nars' Orgasm. Although i do not own Nars' Orgasm, personally i felt that Orgasm leans towards warm whereas Coralista leans a little towards cool.
In the pan itself, Coralista might even look very pigmented and very bright, in actual application the colour is a little sheer and easily buildable to your desired intensity plus it didn't accenturate my pores at all, just a nice pop of colour.
The box packaging is neat too, considering that you don't get loose blush powder all over the place and you save quite a fair bit too as all the powder are nicely contained within the box.
Scentwise, i do detect a whiff of subtle sweet scent here and there, kind of like it. : )
Is it worth a peek?
Nah.... just buy it!
Eye Bright Instant Eye Brightener (full size): Priced at S$41.00 for 1.4g or 0.06oz.
That Gal Brightening Face Primer (deluxe sample size), estimated at S$36.90 for 7.5ml or 0.25oz. Priced at S$58.00 for 11.00ml or 0.37oz (full size).
Bad Gal Lash (deluxe sample size), estimated at S$19.00 for 4.0g or 0.14oz. Priced at S$41.00 for 8.50g or 0.30oz.
Coralista Blusher (full size): Priced at S$58.00 for 12.00g or 0.42oz.
Total Value: Priced at S$ 65.00 for a value of S$154.00 (Almost 60% off retail price).

Priced at S$65.00 for the set, available at Takashimaya and Sephora Online (Limited Edition).

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