Friday, December 17, 2010

Review: Origins Modern Fusion Skin Transforming Catalyst

The Origins Modern Fusion Skin Transforming Catalyst is not something newly launched from Origins... it has been lying silently bidding its time in my drawer for half a year or so.
Although i am adventurous in my quest for my team of HGs (aka "i-can't-live-without-them" kind of skin saviours), i do not believe in miraculous products that "claimed" to "save" your skin overnight just like magic, or maybe perhaps the magical product is out there its just that i have not encounter them just as yet.
I prefer to test-drive a product for at least a couple of weeks before giving my 2 cents worth unless they give me breakouts more than once then i would stash it away until somebody who suits it comes along.
Now, the Modern Fusion Skin Transforming Catalyst is a facial serum that is suppose to restore your skin's luminosity, clarity, smoothen and soften texture of the skin as well as lighten mild pigmentations (brown spots).
Origins Modern Fusion Skin Transforming Catalyst.
Packagingwise, the serum comes in a neat bottle with pump (hygienic=good) that is able to dispense the appropriate amount of serum in 1 pump for the entire face (excess left on the hands goes to the neck).
Hardly any wastage in dispensing the serum, however like all products with pumps, it is a little tricky getting the product that is left at the bottom of the bottle... patience is the key here- just overturn the bottle and scoop what you need accordingly (not a pretty sight when the serum spilled a little around the neck of the bottle when i opened it ).
Infused with the goodness of rice which is believed to be able to combat various skin problems such as dullness, roughness etc... the serum actually smell like rice paste with a hint of citrus in it. I am guessing a very subtle hint of bergamot or something along the citrus line is part of the ingredients. Nice and pleasant scent, nothing overpowering... not bad at all.

A closer look at the texture of the serum.
In terms of texture, the serum has a slightly thicker consistency than most serums (eg. Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair and Origins Dr Andrew Weil's Plantidote Mushroom serum). Despite that, it spreads over the skin easily, it might be a little sticky upon application on the skin but the serum is absorbed into the skin rather quickly leaving the skin smooth to touch.

After application.

After using the serum for 2 months (twice daily), i do not see a drastic change in my skin in terms of clarity, radiance level, texture, improvement on dullness, so on and so forth. This is not a magic potion but i like it enough to buy a new bottle when i run out of it.


I like its lightweight texture (though slight thick consistency and a little sticky on application), its ability to be absorbed into the skin faster than my other HG (Dr Andrew Weil's Plantidote Mushroom serum which can be prove to be a tad oily for me on those rare days), mostly importantly this bottle of serum has the ability to perform dual tasks, both as a serum and moisturiser to me (for night usage) and my face do not have that sheen of oil shine when i woke up the next morning (i have oily-combination skin). Texturewise, i do feel the improvement, it is really softer to touch but i can't say the same for pigmentation as i don't really have brown spots at the moment (Touchwood!).

This serum suits people of all skin types with few skin concerns who would like to "enhance" the quality of their skin and lazy people like me (fuss-free), not really meant for those with major skin concerns.

It is not love at first sight for this serum, it sort of grows on me without my realisation until i have problem pumping out the serum then it hits me that i have been reaching out for it every day.

Priced at $77.00 for 30ml, available at selected Departmental stores.

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