Friday, December 10, 2010

Haul: Jill Stuart Loose Powder in 03 Shimmer and Mix Blush Compact in 09 Little Bouquet

There is nothing better to cheer up a long day other than receiving something pretty and something that you have been lemming for the longest time.....
Thanks to my sister's lovely friend who was in Hong Kong last week, i finally had my wish fufilled (i have been dying to lay my hands on Jill Stuart's Mix Blush Compact...... ) : )
Presenting the little haul that made my day : D Looking forward to use them soon.

The signature pale pink paper bag with black ribbons.

L-R: Loose Powder and Mix Blush Compact.

The lovelies revealed.

The pot of loose powder. Love the intricate design on the lid and around the pot.

There is a plastic sheet to seal the pot and the loose powder is lightly fragranced.

Loose powder in 03 Shimmer (it has a pinkish tone to it).

20g of loose powder, made in Japan.
Mix Blush Compact in 09 Little Bouquet.

Totally captured by the delicate packaging : )

09 Little Bouquet (a warm peachy blush) and the dense round brush that comes with it.

A closer look at the brush.

A Closer look at the blush.
Due to the favourable exchange rate, i have gotten these 2 babies at a good price:
Mix Blush Compact: HKD 330 = S$56.40 (after conversion)
Loose Powder: HKD 330 = S$56.40 (after conversion)
Ironically, Jill Stuart is way more expensive in its country of origins (Japan) compared to Taiwan and Hong Kong, even U.S. , all thanks to the strong Yen.
Initially i was very tempted to ask my sister to help me snag those lovelies earlier when she was on a business trip to Japan, but i gave up the idea just a day before she left.
Much as i wanted to try on Jill Stuart's stuff, i am just not prepared to shell out alot more $ due to exchange rate differences. Its just absurd, imagine the Mix Blush Compact is about S$70+ (Japan's pricing after conversion to S$) vs S$50+ (Hong Kong's pricing after conversion to S$).
Nevertheless, if it is a limited edition item that is only and solely available in Japan plus it is so so so unique and darn pretty that i would kill to have it..... then it would a different story all together : D

I will definitely do a swatch if time allows... can't wait to use them : )

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