Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ghost of Christmas Past- Christian Dior Limited Edition Collection

It's that time of the year again......

Ho! Ho! Ho! Do you hear the Christmas bells ringing closer and closer to you as the days pass?

Well, i did and was deeply reminded of it whenever the urge is here to possess the simply-too-gorgeous-to-resist collectibles are churned out by various cosmetic brands during this time of the year....
As usual, i found myself falling for the trap year after year (though i would say i am more selective nowadays : ) ) ...... this year is no exception.
Please welcome warmly Dior Minaudieres to family of "Limited Edition & Collectibles".....

L-R: Grey Gold 001 and Pink Gold 002.

The treasure within.

Treasure revealed in its glory. : )

L-R: Grey Gold 001 and Pink Gold 002
The Grey Gold is a complusive buy but i do not regret the purchase at all (eventhough my pocket is still sizzling with smoke from the purchase- a hefty S$100.00 for the palette). The colours are practical and i would say i will get quite a lot of wear out of it.
Just as i was contemplating if i should close both eyes bravely and take the plunge to get the Pink Gold Palette too (both palettes look absolutely gorgeous to me).... my dearest group of BFFs actually chip in and get that for me as my belated Birthday present. : ) Thank you gals.

Grey Gold 001 (seems to be a Sak's exclusive in the States)
Colours from L-R: Charcoal Grey, Light Silverish Grey and Light Yellow with Gold shimmer.

The Clever touch- a lid that prevents the eyeshadows from getting into the lipglosses.

L-R(Lip colours from Grey Gold 001): Lip colour in deep burgundy red-purple with gold shimmer, Lip gloss in light vanilla with gold shimmer.

Pink Gold 002
Colours from L-R: Deep Maroon red-purple, Light Taupe-Beige and Light Pink (all with gold shimmer, especially obvious in the Light Pink eyeshadow).

L-R(Lip colours from Pink Gold 002): Medium tone Bright Pink with a little red in it, Light Pale Pink (all with gold shimmer).
As i was going through my treasures, i realised that i actually started collecting Dior's LEs way back 3 to 4 years ago.... wow!
Cristal Boreal Crystal gloss Jewel from 2009.

The luxurious packaging.

The beautiful crystals on the pendant.
The white silverish lip gloss (it is actually transparent upon application, just a hint of shimmer on the lips).

Lady Dior Radiant Couture Touch-up for Face, Checks and Lips from 2007.

The velvet pouch that house the hefty "bag".

Love this, love this, love this....

Versatile colours to be used as highlighter, blusher and lipcolours.

A closer look.
What can i say?
But to proclaim myself as a victim of gorgeous collectibles (i know i can't sleep and will keep on thinking about the lovelies if i don't lay my hands on them..)
Oh well.... this is my vice.
What's yours? : )

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