Sunday, January 8, 2012

Something Random.... PAUL Maison de Qualite

There's no better way to start a new year than to have a good meal. Yes, good food... good bread too to be exact.

PAUL is a new French bakery restaurant that just had its soft opening on Friday. According to my french colleague who is already very excited when she got to know that PAUL is opening their first branch outside France in Singapore, PAUL is apparently very famous for their croissant in France.. its buttery and soft.....

The way she describes how good it is, i just can't wait to taste it for myself... and yes, me and my colleagues had the honour of sampling some of the dishes before they are officially opened.

Without further ado, i present the yummy..... 

 The Menu- history of PAUL was introduced.

 The table setting- i positioned the fork and knife in that way so that i can capture the image in one shot (small table).

 My cappucino.

 I don't know what on earth possess me to order cappucino in the middle of the day, its not too bad but not the best i have ever drank. Their warm chocolate on the other hand is a totally different story.... it is what heaven would taste like! I stole a sip from my colleague's cup and i regretted ordering cappucino. Sigh!

 I couldn't recall the name but its resembles Napoleon without the strawberry. This flaky pastry though it is messy to eat with the flakes dropping here and there, the custard filling totally won me over. The custard is sweet but not sickening sweetly like some do, its rather refreshing and light. I would definitely order it again and yes, that is their signature pastry dessert.

 The bread basket- there is a few bread baskets with different bread and baked pastries combination. The one our table ordered had their famous croissant and yes, the baguette is delicious too.

The main- Sirloin steak medium. 

 The portion is decently big, i would say it is sufficient to satisfy my hunger that very afternoon. The steak is well done and comes with a sizable portion of salad and baked/grilled potatoes at the side.

 Look at that juicy slab of steak, the mushroom sauce compliments it perfectly.

 A closer look at the steak.

 What amazed me was that the grilled/baked potatoes actually retained its warm even towards the end when i was finishing the meal and the salad is really fresh, hardly those pathetic loose leafs that one sees normally.

 The salmon dish with rice that my colleague ordered- i would say the mustard goes with the salmon perfectly. It's a shame one's stomach can only contain that much.

 The ambiance of the restaurant- i love the crystal chandelier at the back and the walls (the pale grey and white borders) plus the furniture are done in french style.

 The assorted baked pastries at the front of the store.

 The chandelier at the entrance, above the pastry counter.

 The takeaway box for baked pastries.

All in all, this is a pleasant dinning experience, apart from the mixing up of orders by the serving staffs. What amazed me was that the french chefs actually came to each and every table to gather feedbacks from guests. In that sense, they do show sincerity and determination to make this work. I hope they maintain this earnest attitude in improving their food and service, i guess PAUL will continue to be a success in Singapore just like in France.

Guess, i will be getting my breakfast from them in the future.....

Location: Ngee Ann City Tower B, 3rd Floor, next to Books Kinokuniya. Open from 9am to 9pm daily.

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