Tuesday, January 24, 2012

LOTD: Hybrid of Guerlain 160 Plus Que Jamais Rose and 121 Orange Encore

Happy Chinese New year to those who celebrate this festive season!

After all that spring cleaning (which is decluttering for me mostly) and preparation for Chinese New Year, contemplating of what look i should wear on the first day of Chinese New Year is a headache to me. This is especially so since i have been tidying the house non stop for the past few days and having to stay awake as long as i can the previous night, which is "shou ye" (a chinese tradition whereby the children would stay awake as late as they can so that they can enchance longevity of their parents).

I looked tired in the morning of the first day of Chinese New Year (obviously lacking sleep), and that.... no amount of miracle foundation or highlight powder can bring me back my radiance. : (

I am desperate to look alive that morning, so i figure the best way to go about it is to be extremely lighthanded when it comes to foundation application (before that, moisturiser for sure), a light pink blusher (i chose NARS Oasis), highlighter (The Bodyshop's Bronze shade: Warm Glow), loose powder (RMK in N00), kept my eyemake up to the minimal and some warm coloured lipstick.

Having to go though the my makeup stash in the morning is not a fun thing, when i finally to made my choice, it would be between Guerlain's 160 Plus Que Jamais Rose and 121 Orange Encore, which i find the former too blue based and the latter a tad too overwhelming for my minimalist look in the morning.

What to do?

I start to get creative.

Blending 60 % of 121 Orange Encore and 40% of 160 Plus Que Jamais Rose, what do i get?

A lovely 137 Ma Belle Corail (i named it for the fun of it : ) ), that is actually flattering on my skin tone and makes me look alot less tired.

 The Guerlain Kiss Kiss Extreme Lip series......

 160 Plus Que Jamais Rose- a cool slightly lilac tone pink.

 Actual 160 against my palm.

 121 Orange Encore - a bright orange red, almost fiery.

 Actual 121 against my palm.

 Swatches L to R: 121 Orange Encore, 160 Plus Que Jamais Rose and 137 Ma Belle Corail.

A photo of how it looked in the morning (please excuse me for the lighting).

 I say it made my smile looks better. Ha!

And yes, 137 Ma Belle Corail brighten my skin tone quite a fair bit too.

The swatches as you can see are swatched the next day, i would say it looks quite close to the photos i have taken of my lip colour on that day. I guess, i put on slightly more Orange Encore that morning.

I am not saying that this is a unique shade of lipstick, just that sometimes when we are at our wits end and nothing seem to be able to work for us , solution found its way to us sometimes. Its more of like i have gotten more bangs for my bucks... 3 colours for the price of 2...heheh...

In this case, i love the hybrid too much, which i think i will start to wear my 160 and 121 this way. : )

How do you get creative with your current stash?

Do share if you would like to : ) 

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