Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review: RMK Loose Powder in N00

This is actually a long overdue post..... which i really should have it done it sometime in July of 2011.

Although it is really late, i think its time to credit one of the unsung hero in my stash....

I hereby present the RMK Loose Powder in N00.

RMK Loose Powder in N00.

4.0g and Made in Japan.

The soft rubbery net that protects the powder from falling out.

The small slits that allow the puff to pick up the loose powder.

The loose powder applied on the back of my hand.

I don't usually use loose powder as 1. i am terribly scared of looking very powdery,2. picking up too much powder and in the process of applying it, i will scatter it all over my table and 3.i am a total klutz during the morning rush and the probability of the typical loose powder in a jar knocked over by clumsy me is real high, which in turn will make me in a madder rush trying to clear the mess in the morning.... and of course the reasons for being resistant towards loose powder in a jar goes on and on.

What appeals to me in this particular case is the the accident-proof packaging of the RMK loose powder that draws me to it. No worries about powder spillage in the mad mornings and even if i do drop the whole compact onto the floor, no serious harm done which means there is very little product wastage. Good.

It comes with a soft puff enclosed between the lid and the soft rubber net, plus the handy size of the compact makes it easy to travel with. However, the real reason that sold the loose powder to me is the fact that although it contains shimmer... not only my face doesn't turn into a disco-ball in fact this "miracle powder" managed to "blurred" the look of the pores on my face. It makes my makeup look softer, especially layering it over after applying the blusher (it can also soften the look if i do happen to apply my blusher a little too heavy handed). I do not detect any scent when i was applying it.

I chose N00 which is translucent, if i am not wrong there are 2 other shades for fair skin and darker skin ladies.

The texture of the powder is very very fine, it is finely milled so there isn't any feel of too much powder on the face as i just need a tiny amount of powder to work around my face. The end result is a velvety smooth and matte finish which i like it very much.

The staying power is around 3 to 4 hours depending on the weather and what else i put on my face, and since this is a loose powder i am not expecting it to perform the miracle of not having to touch up for 8 hours.
The staying power is decent enough and as usual, i would need to touch up a bit after 4 hours or so after blotting a little oil with tissue (i have oily- combination skin type).  

I may not have used a lot of loose powder but i do like RMK's loose powder's texture and packaging. The only con that i can think of is its rather high price point, S$75.00 for a mere 4.0g which is really a tad too high compared to Bobbi Brown's Loose powder, around S$60.00 for 28.0g. The refill itself doesn't come cheap either, its about S$57.00 for 4.0g.

In this case, i prefer its quality, accident-proof packaging and travel handy. Sometimes I just wish that RMK would give more of it to make shelling out S$70+ for the loose powder a less painful experience.

Priced at S$75.00 for 4g or 0.14 oz, available at Takashimaya and Isetan Scotts Shopping Centre.

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