Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: RMK Smoothing Polished Base

After having reviewed the RMK Sheer Powder Checks Blusher from the Dusty Bright Colours collection, today i am going to review another item from my previous RMK haul at Takashimaya- RMK's Smoothing Polished Base.

I have been using RMK's creamy makeup base for quite a while which i would say i am rather fond of it, in fact i think RMK actually monopolised my base makeup... from makeup base to liquid foundation (of course the other liquid foundation would be Bobbi Brown's Moisture Rich liquid foundation)... pressed powder and then loose powder.

I am open minded when it comes to mixing and matching base makeup items from various brands as long as they suit me, so in that sense please don't mistaken me for a "purist". The 2 deciding factor as to why RMK monopolised my base makeup stash, would be the colour match and the staying power, so far my experiences with RMK in this area are quite pleasant and so i don't see the need to switch unless of course something better comes along.

As i have oily combination skin (think large pores around the checks and oily T-zone and some dry patches), naturally i am inclined to check out their Smoothing Polished Base (anything to make those pores smaller) which i have not purchased before (i think it was launched together with the improvised version of the creamy makeup base earlier on).

RMK Smoothing Polished Base.


 Before application.

After application.

In terms of packaging, the product is housed in the typical RMK silver box and it comes in a squeeze tube just like the creamy makeup base. So far so good, no pots to dip my fingers into it.

No scent detected too. Good good.

Texture-wise, it is of a much thicker consistency than the creamy makeup base or any other makeup base that i have tried. It is more paste-like and requires quite a far bit of blending done to achieve the "smooth" appearance. 

According to the RMK SA, this Smoothing Polished Base is not supposed to be used all over the face, it is specifically targeted at the T-zones and areas where there are fine lines, it is also capable of controlling oil.

The size of this base is 20ml which is a third smaller than the makeup base, this is fine for me since my intention of purchasing this product is for creating a smoother appearance (minimizing appearance of the pores around my T-zone and my nasolabial folds =laughing lines).

In terms of performance, yes the product is able to create a smoother surface, probably by "blurring"the apearance of the pores (around my T-zone, especially my forehead and my laughing lines are less obvious, this is good as i don't find my foundation setting into the lines that much (usually i moisturise like mad.. haha). It does produce a natural smoother surface for me. I tried to show the effects in the photos above, apologies if they are not clear enough for you.

Where oil control is concerned, i don't find it particularly good at that which i don't really fault it that much as it is not a "Oil control Smoothing Polished Base" afterall. The Smoothing Polished Base does wear quite well around 6 hours or so which is more or less around the same as the creamy makeup base (i do need to blot my face especially T-zone a few times, other than that so far so good).

Would i recommend this to anyone?

Sitting on the fence on this product, considering that i have higher expectation of it at the current price point and the fact that this product is not versatile enough to be used on the whole face.

People who have deeper laughing lines and enlarged pores might not find this product working as well for them as they would like to. If you are looking for something to achieve that flawlessly porcelain smooth skin, then this product might not be your cup of tea

I say, don't be shy. Go to the counter and try out the product. I do find RMK's SAs really approachable even if you don't purchase any products at the end of the day (which is partly why i am inclined to the brand as well : ) ).

Priced at S$41.00 for 20ml, available at Takashimaya and Isetan Scotts Shopping Centre.

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