Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Haul: RMK and Bobbi Brown at Takashimaya Sale

When you are in the mood for anything, nothing or rather there isn't anything that can stop me from doing it.... yes hauling. And so, when the opportunity arises.... the shopaholic in me is once again alife....

Yes, yes.... i did some hauling over the weekend at Takashimaya, mainly RMK and one or two Bobbi Brown items which is a first for me... with the excellent deals around and vouchers on hand, i can't resist but to stock up some essentials.

Here we go..... reviews coming up hopefully soon.....

 When RMK meets Bobbi Brown......

A tower of RMK essentials and splurge. 

 The RMKs....


RMK Smoothing Polished Base- a mattifying makeup base that is supposed to minimize the look of pores especially to be used around the T-zone.

 Smoothing Polished Base- 20ml.

List of ingredients of the Smoothing Polished Base. 

RMK Face Powder in N00- essential backup.

 Contains 4.0g.

 List of ingredients of Face Powder N00.

RMK Pressed Powder in 04.

List of ingredients of Pressed powder in 04 (darkest shade 05). 

 RMK Sheer Powder Cheeks Blusher in EX-02 from the Dusty Bright Colours Collection.

 The fingerprints magnetic compact case.

 Limited Edition from the Dusty Bright Colours Collection.

 List of ingredients of the sheer powder cheeks blusher- the Splurge (by far the most expensive blusher i have ever owned).

 The Bobbi Browns......

 Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15- 30ml.

Liquid Foundation in Warm Sand 2.5 - surprisingly much lighter than my RMK liquid Foundation colouring.

List of ingredients of the foundation. 

 Bobbi Brown Loose powder in Soft Sand 5.

 A hefty 28.0g compared to RMK's 4.0g

 List of ingredients of the Face powder.

 GWP from RMK- deluxe sample size of the smoother (toner lotion) and makeup base, usual sample size creamy soap and sun protector.

 GWP for purchase beyond S$220 plus if i recall correctly.

 Another GWP from RMK-USB holder with mirror (which i chose over the Dusty Bright Colour collection pouch).

I was quite skeptical if i should go ahead with the hauling initially, however with the Takashimaya storewide 10% discount, plus the 20% from RMK (my birthday month) and the Takashimaya vouchers i have on hand, this is a haul that is bound to happen no matter how.

If i do recall correctly, i got the RMK face powder (UP: S$73.00) and Smoothing Polished Base  (UP:S$41.00) at only S$64 plus as they have a promotion for purchasing the duo. Unfortunately, the day i bought the duo happens to be the last day of the promotion.

However, currently there is another promotion going on... which is with the purchase of a eyeliner (UP: S$40.00) and a mascara (not too sure about the price, i think it is around S$30 plus), you get to get a full sized eye colour plus you get to choose any colour (UP: S$57.00). Promotion ends end of October, do check out the RMK counters if you are interested in this promotion.

Meanwhile, stay tune for upcoming reviews....

Thank you.

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  1. hi hope you could post reviews for your recent rmk haul. im planning on buying the pressed powder n and the smooth polish base. Thanks