Friday, October 21, 2011

Family of Guerlain Eyeshadow Palettes...

Yes, this post is entirely about eyecandies..... whenever i am feeling down, usually a peek at the beauties in my makeup drawers will manage to lift up my spirits somehow...

Am i mad, obssessed, a hoarder or what..... probably all of the above... and so for those who are a little down in spirits, i do hope these will cheer you up a wee bit as they do to me. : )

The Guerlain Eyeshadow family...

I didn't realise that the compacts were of different colours until now.

Guerlain Terre Indigo 4 shade eyeshadow- Limited edition (Summer 2011 Inca Collection).

Guerlain 408 Jeu D'Ombrelles- Limited edition (Spring 2010 Cherry Blossom Collection).

Guerlain 410 Velours Dór- Limited edition (Holiday 2010 Les Ors Collection).

Guerlain 404 Paradis Exotique- Limited edition (Spring 2009 Exotic Paradise Collection).

Guerlain 400 Fleur De Feu- Limited edition (Spring 2008 The Guerlain Woman Collection).

Guerlain 490 Turquoise Cendre- Permanent range (first introduce in the Spring 2008 The Guerlain Woman Collection).

These Lovelies were acquiried as i continue my journey into the world of beauty from 2009 and i do remember fondly my very first Guerlain eyeshadow palette being the Guerlain 404 Paradis Exotique- Limited edition (Spring 2009 Exotic Paradise Collection).

I was deeply impressed by the vibrant colours and the silky colour pigment and subsequently sinking deeper and deeper into the realm of beauty products with intricate packaging and quality which fascinate me time and again.

And so... my journey in the world of beauty is nowhere near its end.....

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