Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Naruko Raw Job's Tears Whitening Night Gelly

Yes, the item to be reviewed today is part of my Skincare loot from Taiwan..... let's introduce Raw Job's Tears Whitening Night Gelly from Naruko.......

Naruko is a skincare brand created by Taiwanese skincare guru Niu Er (those who are familar with the Taiwanese Beauty TV programme "Niu Ren Wo Zui Da" will be very familar with Niu Er), with the aim of creating a skincare line that focuses on the quality and functionality of the product (which should be the focus of any product anyway) rather than the packaging and advertising (which is normally what the consumers ususally paid the bulk of the price of the product).

Interestingly, there is a line on the carton that states his philosophy "Results derived from the product is matters more than the packaging of it. What's in your skin is far more important than what it looks like on the surface."(my loose translation of the wording).

When i first caught sight of the product, i was quite ticked by the word "gelly"on the carton and i couldn't figure why the word "gelly" until the moment i opened the packaging for the first time.  

I have been an avid fan of the programme and managed to catch a few episodes every now and then on Youtube after Channel U stopped showing it for a while. To be honest, i am quite keen to try this skincare line (it is available at locally and delivery is free if you spend a certain amount, think its about S$60+) and while i was in Taiwan, i picked up a few items from Naruko (it is exclusively available in Watsons but pity not the entire range, i have only seen some random products from the Raw Job's Tears range, Magnolia Brightening range, Tea tree range and the Am Pm line).

Okie... the product......

Minimal packing and the carton as assembled purely by folding (no glue, no nothing).

The red jar- contains 60ml/2.1Fl.oz of "gelly".

A plastic cap to mantain the integrity of the product.

The milky semi-transparent "gelly".

The amount i used for application a quarter of my face.

Before the application.

During the application, the gel-liquid like texture of the gelly.

After the application.

List of Ingredients.

The fuss free packaging convey fully the philosophy of "pay for what is inside the jar, not the packaging" which is what beauty fanatics, in fact what everyone of us ought to pay for anyway. Having said that, the night gelly comes in a simple glass jar (which my mom mistaken it for SKII because of the red). It comes with a small spatula for scooping out the gelly. The recommended amount for each usage is 2 pearl size which i figure could very well be 2 full scoops using the spatula (Pearl size? How is that measurable? I have no idea and so discretion is used).

There is a noticeable barley scent when i scooped out some of the gelly, its not a irritating scent that will put off people at the very first instance, rather it reminds me of barley drink. The scent will linger a while on your face until it is completely dry.

In terms of application, its light gel-lotion like texture makes application a breeze. It spreads easily on the skin and as i applied it it sort of turned into water (but with slightly thicker consistency), perhaps the gel like texture is the reason for the word "gelly" in the naming of the product range (Naruko has a whole series of Night Gelly catered for different needs, 8 or 9 types if i am not mistaken).

The gelly dries quite fast and after application, my face felt smoother (close to velvetly smooth), matte and less oily hours later (i do have shiny spots on my face at times after application of moisturiser after a few hours).

Product Description: This Night Gelly is enriched with powerful moisture to comfort dehydration and fortified with 3 unique whitening actives to even skin tone. It leaves skin softer, smoother and more resilent with a younger appearance.

I have been using this night gelly for more than a month every night straight after my toner as i wanted to see how good it is in its claim of providing the skin with sufficient hydration and whitening ability.

Honestly, i do find my skin sufficiently moisturised even though i skipped my daily moisturiser in place of this night gelly which comes as a pleasant surprise and i do like it very much for this, plus the light weight texture and the barley scented gelly makes the application enjoyable. Now for the whitening claim, i do not find it working on me, probably because i am tan in the first place (i am no Snow White and proud of that). However, i have to say it does evens out my skin tone slightly.

So in conclusion, i like this product. Not for the whitening effects as the product's name indicate but for its hydrating capability and its ability to keep my skin smoother and softer, plus the affordability of this product makes it accessible to anyone. Also,it does not contain any preservatives, colourings, parabens, fragrance-free and no animal testing which appeals to people who are looking for skincare products that are as natural as possible. The absence of the above shortens the shelf life of the product too, which means it has a shelf life of only 2 years even if you leave the product unopened in its original packing sealed.

Will i buy it again?

Yes, if i have the chance and not for whitening purposes but as a light weight moisturiser.

Priced at NT 329 (S$14.00 approximately) for 60ml or 2.1fl.oz, available at or Watsons in Taiwan.



  1. i have been wondering about naruko skincare products for a long time too

    always watch nu ren wo zui da..and i always hoped that everytime on the show they would like state exactly what products they use lol

    thanks for the great review thinking of getting it , the gelly texture looks amazing :) nice blog btw ^^

  2. GREAT REVIEW =) GREAt work! Keep it up ^__~