Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: RMK Sheer Powder Cheek Blush in EX-02

This has to be the most expensive blushing beauty i ever had in my stash to date..... and who am i refering to?

My splurge item from my latest haul - RMK's Sheer Powder Cheek blush in EX-02 from the Dusty Bright Colours Collection.

There are 3 limited edition blusher shades in the collection, namely EX-01 Beige Pink, EX-02 Orange and EX-03 Rose Brown, i am not really into Pink and Plum like blushers, EX-02 Orange caught my eyes instantly even from a distant.

Although it caught my eye instantly, the decision to purchase it was not an impulse, it was in fact after having tried it on and some careful swatching plus examining that i finally decided to snag one home.


For the reason that it seems to resemble NARS's Taj Mahal which i already owned and love to the bits.... and partly due to the shimmer that i see in the pan (i have visible pores and so shimmer on the pores is not such a good idea), and most importantly the price tag of the blusher... if it wasn't for the discount i would not have bought it to be honest.

It was a tough decision to make, a decision that i am glad i made the correct one- i brought it home with me.

 The highly reflective surface and huge fingerprints magnet.

EX-03 Orange-2.0g.

 A closer look.

The brush applicator that comes with it.

Rather soft and of better quality than the average ones you get.

Swatches L-R: heavy swatch and blended nicely.

 NARS Taj Mahal.

 Taj Mahal- 4.8g.

 Taj Mahal Blusher.

Swatches Top to Bottom: NARS's Taj Mahal and RMK's EX-02 Orange.

I do not like the packaging of the RMK's EX-02. Imagine after having applied your primer, foundation, eyeshadows and whatnots, my fingers would not be as clean as i hope they would be and these are the same fingers i use to pry open the casing to get to the product. Yes, of course you will see all my fingerprints on the cover, fingerprints so complete that CSIs would be overjoyed to collect them. Plus, its plastic .... i have nothing against plastic just that if i am paying at the price point of S$65.00 for a mere 2.0g of product, please give me something of better quality (sturdier and no fingerprints magnet please).

In terms of texture, i would say RMK's EX-02 is really very soft, to the extend that its too soft to be powder. The softest textured blusher i have in my stash currently. I am very happy with the pigmentation and the result of the application... my worries of having excessive shimmer showing in my big pores were unfound as true to the claim of the Beauty advisor, the shimmer is there to make the blusher stands out and will not be noticeable.

EX-02 looks good on my tan skin (i am a RMK 104, MAC 35 or 37 if i recall correctly), a little goes a long way, so just a few light sweep with my brush and i am good to go (i very much prefer to use my own brush than the one that comes with the compact unless i am left with no choice), the colouring looks natural and fresh.

That is a totally different feel whenever i am putting on Taj Mahal, i always felt that Taj Mahal deserves a more dramatic eye makeup to go with it or to be worn when i am able to do better eye makeup. Its more luxuriously and rich in terms of colour payoff and intensity.

Remember i said it reminded me of NARS Taj Mahal... well, i was wrong......

Taj Mahal is a golden burnt orange with golden sheen, whereas EX-02 is a bright fresh orange with shimmer. Both belongs to the same family and yet very different.

Like it?

Yes... yes... especially at a good price.

RMK: Priced at S$65.00 for 2.0g available at Isetan Scotts (Takashimaya is already out of stocks for it).
NARS: Priced at US$28.00 for 4.8g (Available at http://www.narscosmetics.com/)

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