Monday, June 20, 2011

Haul and Review: Face Shop Nail colour dupe for MAC Disney Venomous Villains Formidable?

For those out there who are not fast enough to snag Formidable from the MAC Disney Venomous Villains Collection, you might be able to find a close dupe in Face Shop's BK901.

I happen to come across this possible dupe on my way to Lido with my deers for X-men first class and stopped by Face Shop at Wisma since we have some time before the movie starts.

You can imagine my excitement when i saw it and immediately Formidable came to my mind plus my BFF agreed with me that it is indeed a close dupe to Formidable.

Face it from Face Shop BK901.
Look at the shimmer in the bottle.

2 coats of it.

MAC's Formidable.

See the shimmer reflected against the light.

3 coats of Formidable.

In the bottle, both looks very similar, but Face SHop's BK901 seems to have a tinge of Bluish tone to it whereas MAC's Formidable seems to lean more towards purple, both seems to sport the same kind of shimmer or glitter.

Application wise, BK901 requires 2 coats to attain the opaque effect while Formidable requires 3 coats, the consistency of the nail polish is thicker for BK901. Both dries up rather quickly, so there isn't much of a down time here.

When the nail polish coats dried iup completely, Formidable has a slightly rougher texture compared to BK901 and the difference in the sheen is a little more obvious. BK 901 has a slightly blue sheen whereas Formidable has a purpish sheen.

Nevertheless, both are very similar in my books

Size wise, there are no label stating the amount of ml BK901 contains but it shouldn't be much of a difference from Formidable.

In terms of pricing, BK901 is very much affordable at S$7.90 per bottle (much so since Face shop is having 20% off purchases more than S$10.00), Formidable retails at S$19.00 (but it is a limited edition, so expect to pay way much more if you were to get it from ebay).

In my personal opinion, BK901 is not a 100% dupe for Formidable but a close 80% cousin.

BK901: Priced at S$7.90, available at Face Shop (Wisma Atria).


  1. MAC's Formidable looks similar to Orly Galaxy Girl, you think?

  2. Apologies prettyseaeagle, as i do not have Orly Galaxy Girl with me to do a swatch comparision. Even then, what i can say is Orly Galaxy Girl seems to have a brownish or redish tone to it, whereas MAC's Formidable is more of a dark purple with a underlaying cool tone and BK 901 from Faceshop has a bluish tinge to it. Hope my 2 cents help. : )