Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

The very first time i lay my eyes on this on cyberspace ...... i knew i just had to have it, but of course not without any struggle within me especially since this is from Guerlain, it is not going to be cheap.

I have seen it being reviewed and was quite skeptical by the mixed review, and was thinking of going down to the Guerlain counter to get the swatches with hopes that my lemming for this beauty would subside (if the swatches disappoint me big time)......

As fate would have it, i was captivated by the real time when it caught my eyes and the swatches on my wrist tells me... Go.. get... it...

And so, Tah dah!

The Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette......

Guerlain Terre Indigo 4 Shade Eyeshadow- 9g.
The Brown pouch that house the beauty.

The Sleek luxurious copper brown casing.

The Eyeshadow Palette.

A closer look at the beauty.

Swatches L to R: Orange, Dark Brown, Brown and Blue.

A closer look at the swatches.

I know it sounds silly but this particular palette almost made me lost sleep over it, i was so hesistant to get it partly because of the mixed reviews not to mention the luxurious price tag that comes with it and will i bear to use it (so that it doesn't end up as just another pretty collectible item in my stash which i am very often guilty of buying, though i will end up using it ultimately some time later).

In terms of packaging, there is no deny that Guerlain's style has always capture my heart, its sleek, luxurious, gorgeous...... this beauty is no exception though it did cross my mind that the colours are not separated into cubes, it might be quite troublesome to use it and ultimately end up messy when all the 4 colours are swirled together in the end.

Despite that, i do not find any trouble sweeping my MAC brushes over the individual colours and there is no mix up of colours for application and personally, i think the palette would not have been more appealing aesthetically if the colours were presented separately as one normally see in the typical Guerlain Eyeshadow palette packaging.

I could not resist using the palette as soon as i can and so, the pictures were taken after i have broke into it, which is why some parts with the golden sprayover are not that obvious. Regarding the golden sprayover, i do find that it is a shame that they are sprayover as the golden colour adds another dimension to the eyeshadow application.

This aspect can be easily rectify with brushing a layer of gold pigment over the eyelid, however one just can't help but felt that if the gold colour is not merely a sprayover, the palette would have been perfect to me.

In terms of colour payoff, it is not as pigmented as some palettes i have owned, i do find it to be decently pigmented and intensity of the colours can be easily build up. Guerlain is not well known for intensely pigmented eyeshadows, so if this is not right up your alley, i think one can find dupable substitutes.

Nevertheless, i do find joy using it as this is a first that i managed to find a blue that suits me (my skintone is quite tan, so light pastel blues are definitely out of the question for me). Most people i know might shy away from the palette due to the bright orange and blue in the palette, to me those 2 colours are the ones that seals the deal for me as i do not have any similar colours in my current stash.

For those who are skeptical on how one should wear the colours, Guerlain has included a makeup manual of sort for 3 different looks as shown below. That's quite nice actually, sort of a little perk considering the price point for this palette.

Did i also mention that this palette contains almost 50% more product than the typical Guerlain Palette and the price stays the same for this limited edition?

The Terre Indigo palette contains 9 g of the product whereas the typical Guerlain palette contains 6g....not that i will ever get to the bottom of the pan anyway. Its just a little more comforting to know that you get to get more for the same price.

Now for the final question, like it?

Yes, you bet! It comes to me as a pleasant surprise that i can carry off the bright orange and blue too.

Worth it?

Of course, in terms of aesthestic and functionality- which just means i will use it more often as i find it more versatile and much more interesting than the usual browns and pinks that i use.

Priced at S$87.00 for 9g (limited edition), available at all Guerlain Counters (stocks are running low).

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