Monday, July 18, 2011

Haul: When the going gets tough......

Yes, yes... when you are feeling depressed and feels that the going gets way tough for you to handle and you are a certified makeup addict... so what do you do?

What else?

A Haul!

These are my haul for the past 2 weeks......

The newbies in the family.

A must since i don't really like to use shampoo or soap on my brushes.

Chanel? What could it be? : )

Woo... another Nars...

Maquillage casing.. love the pretty design on the sides.

RMK Loose Powder.

Something from The Bodyshop... a review on it coming up.

My first bronzer.. believe it or not....

Another lippy to join the family.

My essential.

More lipbalms to protect my dry lips.

Ha....i feel so much better now... have been rotating between stress at work and getting sick...

Sigh... i am currently into my 6th month for coughing ...yes that LONG and the specialists all couldn't come up with an explanation for my super duper persistant long cough...

Reviews coming up as soon as i feel much better... i am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be soon. : )


  1. Hi there,
    Love your collections of make up. Hehe i thought i was the only person who keep make up still in packaging. BTW where do you buy NARS in Singapore??? I will be traveling there for holidays.. Hoping it would be cheaper to buy there then Australia. :)

  2. Hi, thank you, yeah... according to my friends i suffered from OCD but don't you just feel that you would want to keep your treasures in pristine condition as long as you are able to? That's how i felt all along anyway. Btw, NARS is not available in Singapore, if you are travelling in the asia region, i know Taiwan and Hongkong do carry NARS. Hope that helps. : )