Sunday, June 19, 2011

Haul and Review: NARS Oasis and Taj Mahal


I get the chance to lay my greedy paws on my very first NARS......

It all started with my generous BFF initiating a online spree and thus i ended up with these 2 lovelies.

Introducing the very first of my NARS, Oasis and Taj Mahal blushers......

The 2 NARS blushers in their signature cardboard packaging.

The niffty rubbery compact in my hand.

4020 Taj Mahal.

4028 Oasis.

Taj Mahal with the thin flim of plastic.

The golden orange beauty in the pan.

Oasis with the thin plastic film protecting it.

Oasis, the pretty berry beauty in the pan.

Swatches of Taj Mahal.

Swatches of Oasis.

To speak the truth, i have been contemplating on getting anything from NARS for quite a while and i was rather put off by the "cult status"kind of thing, which is what the Orgasm Blusher has attained in the beauty world. I try my best not to be caught in the frenzy of "oh, that is a must have because it is much raved about" and be sucked into the vicious trap of buying for the sake of buying.

Thus, i have decided and is dead against buying Orgasm as i have quite a few coral like blushers in my stash, though they might not be perfect dupes for Orgasm but i am really unable to justify buying another blusher in that colour range, instead Oasis and Taj Mahal caught my eyes.

Honestly, i have nothing quite like it in my stash for Taj Mahal, i was doing my usual "researching"online and came upon Temptalia's blog, the swatches captivated my heart instantly (even though i have Givenchy's Maharani Orange, it swatches totally different from Taj Mahal). Maharani is more of a highlighter as it swatches very sheer and personally i think Taj Mahal is perhaps what Maharani wanted to be in the first place.

In terms of texture and pigmentation, i would say NARS Taj Mahal applies smoothly with ease and is very pigmented, the colour payoff is true to the pan and a little goes a long way especially for Taj Mahal.

It is a bold colour for a blusher but I do not see it difficult to wear as i am quite tan and i absolutely love the subtle golden sheen in the orange which adds another dimension upon application.

It is LOVE at First Sight. Trust me.

As for Oasis, i was a little skeptical initially as my skintone does not carry off blushers with berry tone well, but i was attracted to the golden specks in the pan and since i do not have such a colour in my stash, i thought it was reason enough to try it.

I am relieve that i go with my gut instinct and went on to ask my BFF to put through the order for me. As it turns out, Oasis is a nice berry pink with golden shimmer that is not over the top at all, in the pan it looks pretty at certain angles when the golden shimmer caught on the light. Now, the really beautiful part is when it is being applied onto the skin which i think is universally flattering on most skin tones. Its a pity my camera is unable to capture the beauty of it properly, it is really beautiful as i am looking at it now.

Just like Taj Mahal, Oasis is very pigmented and a wee bit is sufficient for application.

All in all, i love these 2 lovelies to the core.

I am just a wee worried that this might spell the beginning of a NARS collection and the doom of my blusher ban...

Love it? That's a silly question to ask.

I say, try it if you can lay your hands on them.


  1. Taj Mahal is indeed a beauty. I have been looking for a true orange blush and it looks amazing. Helpful swatches, do you think you can do a cheek swatch to help? :)

  2. Hi, i hope to do a cheek swatch soon too...however that might have to wait a while as currently i am quite swarmed with stuffs. Personally, i am rather tan yet i have to be lighthanded with Taj Mahal. Fair beauties have to be doubly lighthanded with it. what i do is to pat on some matt loose powder on top of it if i think its a tad too much.Hope that helps.