Monday, June 20, 2011

Haul: Shiseido Sale June 2011

I got to know about the sale at the very last minute on the 2nd day, in fact i wasn't even planning to go but the "go see see no harm" mentality resulted in the damage done below......

The haul that fateful morning.

GR634 Green Black with gold liquid eyeliner and mascara.

Alexander Wang Limited Edition Maquillage Compact case.

Maquillage Lasting Powder with UV protection.

Shiseido Hydro Liquid Compact Foundation.

Maquillage nail colour.

A closer look.

I got myself some necessities and a couple of pressies for friends.

During the 2nd day of the sale, there isn't much things left (all the goodies are already gone on the 1st day,especially in the morning).

All in all, i am quite glad that i didn't splurge too much during this sale.

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