Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: Chanel Particuliere vs OPI Over the Taupe

This is the post that i have been wanting to do but for some reason i kept putting it off until my good sister reminded me when we were browsing at the Chanel's counter at Metro Paragon during the members' sale day (i prefer to browse certain counters during sales as that's when the not so helpful SAs are busy to attend to "big fishes"and so the "planktons" can browse and check things out to their heart contents in peace. : ) )

This post might be quite similar to one that i have done earlier introducing the Browns in my collection, in fact the point of this post is to answer a question that is there hanging in my head whenever i see OPI's Over the Taupe: Is Particuliere = Over the Taupe? Are they identical Twins? A 100% dupe for each other? Or they are merely related?

Now, the answer......

Nope, they are not 100% dupe for each other. Yes, they are related and might very well be identical twins (if one doesn't put them side by side and scrutinize them closely).

L to R: OPI You Don't Know Jacques, OPI Over the Tapue and Chanel Particuliere.

L to R: OPI You Don't Know Jacques, OPI Over the Taupe and Chanel Particuliere.

T to B: OPI You Don't Know Jacques, OPI Over the Taupe and Chanel Particuliere.

L to R: Chanel Particuliere, OPI Over the Taupe and OPI You Don't Know Jacques.

In terms of formula, I find that OPI applies more smoothly than Chanel (i applied 2 coats for each), and that OPI has thinner consistency plus it takes a much shorter time for each coat to dry totally compared to Chanel (i accidentally snag OPI Over the Taupe when i was applying the 2nd coat : ( ). Since Chanel's has a thicker consistency, 2 coats of the polish gives a more "solid" or opaque look than OPI's which i think can be achieved with a 3rd coat.

I do find Particuliere is more of a brown than Over the Taupe, it is not as "bright"as Over the Taupe whereby Over the Taupe has a little of a red or pink tone to it. It is slightly warmer than Particuliere. The difference between the 2 is more obvious when they are placed side by side especially when the tones are highlighted upon closer look. However, i do find that they are very similar to each other and yet so different in some aspects.

In conclusion, personally i prefer Over the Taupe more as it looks better with my skintone and i very much prefer OPI's formula than Chanel's. Price wise, OPI retails at S$23.55 (if you are spreeing, OPI would usually cost around S$9.00 per bottle) and Chanel retails at S$36.00 (if i remember correctly), OPI wins hands down economically. Of course the exception would be if Chanel has a colour that there is absolutely no dupe or anything remotely close to it, then yes go ahead and splurge on THAT colour, otherwise nope....

I swatched You Don't Know Jacques for the comparison and yes... it belongs to the Browns family but a distant relative, whereas Particuliere and Over the Taupe are close siblings born perhaps a year between each other.


Priced at S$23.55 for 15ml, available at Sephora and Metro Paragon (as well as online Spree).

Priced at S$36.00 for 11ml, available at all Chanel Counters (it is a permanent colour, from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection).

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