Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Laneige Beauty Bazaar

It's here again.

Laneige Beauty Bazaar at Robinson Raffles City Level 3 from 7th to 9th April, 10.30am to 8.30pm.

Savings up to 80% on Skincare and Cosmetics.
Sightings from previous Laneige Beauty Bazaar:
1. Lipstick and lipglosses, 2 for S$15.00
2. Foundations for S$20.00 to S25.00 each, refills at S$10.00 to S$15.oo each.
3. Single eyeshadows and Limited Edition eye palette at S$15.oo each.
4. Water Sleeping Pack mask at S$30.00 each.
5. Tons of sample sized skincare products and cleansers at S$1.00 each or so....
6. Clear C-effector at S$25.oo and some other skincare products.

I am not too sure how different the range would be like this time round, do check it out if you are interested.

Update of sightings on 8th April 2011:
I couldn't make it on the first day of the sale, however i managed to pull myself to join the long queue on the 2nd day...
1. No lipglosses in sight (there were lots last year), there are only 2 colours for the lipsticks, both are dark berries @ S$15.00 for 2.

2. Limited eyeshadows single selections, 5 colours (2 pinks, 2 browns and 1 lilac purple) @ S$5.00 for 2 (great deal if the colour suits you. : ) ).
The eyeshadow single usually retails for S$25.00 each at the counter. No limited edition eye palette in sight by the time i reached : ( , they were sold for S$15.00 each (the Mystic Veil 2010 collection).

3. Eyebrow palette at S$15.00 each (sold out already early in the afternoon).

4. As for blusher, only the limited edition Mystic Veil Cream blusher is available (pink) @ S$15.00 each (there were a small mountain of it when i left at about 8pm).

5. Eyeliners were S$15.00 for 2 (only 2 colours).
6. Foundation, i have only seen the liquid foundation #31 (for darker skintone) and the Mystic Veil cream foundation (jar), for S$15.00 each.
7. For the skincare range, practically non-existent as they were quickly snapped up on the first day, only samples of toner and emulsion left @ S$5.00 for 10.
8. Some bags and towels were for sale too... That's all.

Judging by the amount of products that are available when i left the room, i very much doubt if there is going to be anything left for tomorrow, however i am not too sure if they will replenish stocks on the last day (9th April) but do drop by to try your luck if you are interested.

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