Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: OPI My Private Jet and Black Shatter, Chanel's Black Satin and Givenchy Elegant Pearl

Every now and then, i will tidy up my makeup and skincare stuffs which i do feel therapeutic and that's when i realised i actually have enough nail polishes to group them into colour groups (although my nail polish stash might seem to be small compared to the others out there).

This post is about the Blacks and the Silver that i have currently in my nail polish stash (which is evergrowing as days went by, depending on what interest me. : ) )

Without further introduction, i present the Blacks and the Silver to you......

L to R: Givenchy Elegant Pearl, Chanel Black Satin, OPI My Private Jet and OPI Black Shatter.

Givenchy Elegant Pearl from 2009 Holiday collection.

167 Elegant Pearl - 5.5ml.

Chanel 219 Black Satin- 11ml.

OPI My Private Jet.

NL B59 My Private Jet-15ml. OPI Katy Perry Collection Black Shatter NL E59 Black Shatter- 15ml
L to R: Chanel Black Satin, OPI My Private Jet, OPI Black Shatter on top of MAC Originality and Givenchy Elegant Pearl.

L to R: Givenchy Elegant Pearl, OPI Black Shatter over MAC Originality and Chanel Black Satin.

My favourite of this lot is Chanel's Black Satin (permanent item), it applies smoothly and evenly for me, i just need 1 coat for the colour to show plus the glossy finishing is something that makes the black pop for me. There are some blogs that compared Chanel's Black Satin with Zoya's Raven as well as OPI's Black Onyx.

However, i am unable to lay my hands on Zoya's Raven at the moment (they are not available in Singapore if i am not wrong) and i do not have OPI's Black Onyx in the stash to do a direct comparison. Perhaps when i am able to lay my hands on both polishes, i will do another review : ) Currently, it is still my favourite out of the lot (though i can't wear this colour to work : ( ), i will still grab every chance i can to put it on.

OPI's My Private Jet (permanent item) is sort of a "legendary" favourite among many nail polish fanatics and i can see why when i first swatched it. To call it a black is misleading because it isn't a black nail polish, but a steel gray with tiny silver shimmer in it. Nevertheless, just as expected from OPI, My Private Jet swatch beautifully with just 1 coat and that's all i need for application. A unique colour, i would say.

I happen to come across Givenchy' Elegant Pearl by chance (got it during a sale) and was immediately attracted to it. Some may have compared it to Chanel's Steel (though i did swatch it at Chanel Counter), i do find that they are 2 very different nail polishes. Elegant Pearl is a lighter steel gray with a little shimmer in it whereas Steel is a dark steel, almost black polish with shimmer. I would say Elegant Pearl and My Private Jet are rather similar in colour (in the bottle), but when they are swatched the difference is more promiment. 1 coat is sufficient to obtain a decent opaque swatch.

Now, for OPI's Black Shatter from the Katy Perry Collection....... this is the nail polish that i had trouble hunting it down (having to go to quite a number of places to hunt for it, its even out of stock for a long time on certain spree website for the entire collection! ).

My perseverance did pay off as i spotted it in Metro during the 20% storewide sale, i knew i had to grab it and so i did. Well, this is indeed a interesting item to add into my collection. As you can see in the swatches above, the polish "cracked" into pieces which resembles leopard prints to me (perhaps due to MAC's Originality which i used as a base colour to show the "crack").

When the crack dried it is actually a matte black and it is quite fragile (it rubs off easily even when completely dried). What i did was to apply a top coat to give it some shine and to "seal" the cracks. Definitely a must have if you are seeking for something outside the norm or to spice up your collection.

A word of caution for application of Black Shatter, you must wait patiently for the base colour coat to dry completely before applying the Black Shatter plus Black Shatter dries very fast and easily so one has to be quick in the application otherwise the polish on the brush can become lumpy in no time.

For the Black Shatter fans, there are news that OPI is going to introduce more "shatter" polishes but i am not too sure of the colours that will be available... that's something to look forward to : )

OPI nail polishes

Priced at S$23.500 for 15ml at Metro Paragon and S$23.50 at Sephora (wonder why the S$0.05 difference ? ). Much cheaper if you plan to go on a spree with friends.

Chanel nail polishes

Priced at S$35.00 for 11ml, available at all Chanel counters.

Givenchy nail polishes

Price unavailable for 5.5ml ( i bought mine at a sale, so its only S$10.00)

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