Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back from Short Getaway.......

I am finally back from the much awaited Getaway..... yes, get away from the crowd, the stress and everything that frustrates me to no end.

And, yes.... i came back feeling much rested and not as irritable as before (but how long can this effect last? I have no idea but perhaps another one much later in the year? We shall see about that. ; ) )

Although i am happy to be able to make it for the short trip, a BBF is unable to make it and so i picked up these beauties for her as i was strolling along the beach with the fellow kakis.

The white sandy beach, light blue and green sea plus the breeze and a cute little dog make the island trip a memorable one. I was quite happy to have picked up these pretty sea shells and the small piece of coral (i was sadden by the fact that only dead corals are white, despite that its still pretty).

Well, there is always a chance next time (BBF, i am talking to you girl : ) ), until then these handful of keepsakes are for you......

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  1. Yes yes... Till next time.. Let's go HKG to fulfill my lemmings of foundation, foundations and foundation... Burberry, Chantecaille, Le Metier, Jill Stuart, Armani... Blah blah blah...