Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review: Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream

This might be IT.

I was on the quest for my HG eyecream for a couple of years......i have tried Origins, Elizabeth Arden, The Bodyshop, etc..... They have worked fairly well but they just lack that ultra hydration quality that i am looking for.

I received Clinique's Repairwear Intensive Eye cream as part of the GWP (Gift with Purchase) with the products that i bought during 2 Metro sales ago. I have never tried anything else from Clinique apart from their liquid facial soap and Super City Block Oil free daily face protectpr with SPF 40.

This deluxe sample size eye cream is a good chance for me to try it out first, instead of taking the plunge straightaway and then ultimately found it to be unsuitable (that's good money thrown into the sea).

Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream- 5ml.

The creamy texture of the eye cream.
Slightly thicker consistency.


The eye cream is housed in a plastic jar and one have to dip fingers into the jar to obtain the appropriate amount for each application. I don't really like this type of packaging as bacteria and germs can be introduced into the product easily if one does not observe certain hygiene rules or through the air (frequent opening and closing of the jar). It would be better if it comes in a tube form (minimize the chances of contaminating the product). In this case, i used a small spatula to scoop out the amount i need and applied it to the back of my hand.

Upon application, the eye cream spreads easily on the skin and is easily absorbed, this is rather unexpected to me as when i first open the plastic jar, i was quite turn off by the creamy and rich looking eye cream (i prefer my eye cream to be light). I was pondering if the eye cream is too much for the skin around my eyes ( as i have combination skin type), i was skeptical if i should try it on the eye areas directly.

The eye cream doesn't leaves a greasy film on the back of my hand and so i proceed to apply it on my eye area.

After warming the cream, some patting and letting the eye cream to "settle" down into the skin, the fine lines around my eyes have soften, they are not that obvious and the skin looks supple as well as more hydrated compared to the various eye creams that i have used previously.

According to Clinique, this Repairwear Intensive eye cream is an anti-aging product that is targeted at the lines around the eye areas and wrinkles, it replenishes antioxidants, strengthen the skin around the eyes for a refreshed and brighter look.

I am not too sure about the antioxidants replenishing part, what i do see and the results that i get is, my fine lines around the eye areas are less obvious, they look rather supple and sufficiently moisturised (i look less tired).

As i am writing this, i have reached the bottom of the jar (after using it for approximately 2 months, day and night daily), a little goes a long way and i think the full size 15 ml can last me a good 7 months of so. The eye cream actually improved the condition of the areas around my eyes, so it is quite a worthy investment in my books.

In terms of scent, Clinique's facial products do not possess any detectable scent in general, this eye cream is no exception. It is practically fragrance free, though i would have prefered a sublt soothing scent to it (it would enhance the whole experience). Since the product is fragrance free, it should sit well with people who are allergic to fragrance of any sort.

Now, will i return for the full size jar?

Yes, of course.

Price is unavailable as i received the sample size as part of a GWP.

It comes in 15ml 0r 0.5oz (in Singapore), there is also a 30ml or 1.0oz size (maybe only available in the States).

Available at all Clinique Counters.

Main Ingredients: I do not have the listing with me as the sample size jar comes unboxed.

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