Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review: OPI New York Ballet Series.... Part I

Yes, this is what i have been wearing these days....

This series needs to further introduction from me, there are already tons of reviews on it in the beauty world.

Let's admire, shall we? ; )

                                         Star of the NYC Ballet series- Pirouette my Whistle.

                                                          Pirouette My Whistle NL T55.

                                                   The matte flakes immersed in shimmers.

I have been told that deep inside me i am a bling bling lover through and through though very much in denial. When this bottle first caught my eyes, it is surrounded by a sea of bling bling polishes and its subdued subtle matte flakes draw me to it immediately. The next minute i know, i am happily handing over money to the seller for this baby. Application is a breeze and usually one would expect the surface of such polishes to dry down to a rough surface, but not this baby. It is smooth and a little glass-like. The matte flakes stood out in the sea of fine shimmer. Very elegant, refined and sweet. I think it will work to compliment any polishes.

                                       The only lilac in the NYC Ballet series- Care to Danse?

                                                 Care to Danse?- a light cool toned lilac.

                                                       The jelly-like translucent colour.

Care to Danse? is one that pleasantly surprised me too.....if you are the kind that looks for total opacity in a nail polish, the NYC Ballet collection is obviously not for you. This collection is for jelly lovers.....and i am turning into one as i am tying now. So much so that i went back and hauled another few bottles in the collection, which i will feature if i can.

Care to Danse? is a very light cool tone lilac that seems to make my nails look whiter and neater... Haha, it did not clash with my skintone as i initially thought it would. Application is smooth, but it is a little streakily though it evens out itself eventually. Opacity would be an issue for some people (like i mentioned earlier), it took me 3 coats (with a base coat) for the colour to show up more obviously (the nail line is still visible). I like anything purple, so this is one that i am definitely going to wear more often. It has a romantic feel to it, yet not too in your face.

                                  3 coats of Care to Danse? and 1 coat of Pirouette My Whistle.

A closer look.

For this manicure, i have used a base coat, 3 coats of Care to Danse?, 1 coat of Pirouette My Whistle and 1 coat of Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat. It lasted me a good 1 week before it starts to peel and during this 1 week i have been doing all the packing, househouse chores, all the manual work you can think of.

Something interesting that i found in my stash.......

Twins? Dupes?

Did i finally lose it and bought doubles without realising?


                                            Notice the difference in opacity in the bottle?

               Left: Steady as she rose (Pirates of the Carribean), Right: Care to Danse? (NYC Ballet).
                                        Steady as she rose (Pirates of the Carribean Collection).
                                                        Steady as she rose- NL P14.

The creamy light cool tone lilac.
Interestingly, the 2 shades shares the same shade of lilac, the difference is of course the formula. Steady as she rose is a nice dusty cream lilac while Care to Danse ? is a cool tone jelly.

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