Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Haul and Sightings at The BodyShop sale

I have not been to a Bodyshop sale for quite a while, mainly because i am more than often well stocked with my daily essentials (yes, i do get panic attack if i am down to my very last bottle of favourite bodywash.... haha. ) and partly due to my curiosity nature, i tend to stray sometimes to try out potential HG stuffs. And so, this can be considered as a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of hauling from the Bodyshop's warehouse sale.

Got to know about this sale through SMS, since the location of the sale is near my workplace.... i gather it deserved to be checkout by me. : ).

I did not get any makeup item this time, its all bodywash and the bath lily (which is a staple for me). Will come up with a review of the stuffs soon i hope.

Summary of items hauled:

1.Earth Lovers series bodywash in Fig & Rosemary X 2
2.Deep Sleep Comforting Milk Bath Float
3.Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Gel
4.Spa Wisdom Morocco series Argan & Orange Blossom Bath  and Shower Oil
5.4 mini Bath Lily

Total Damaged: S$57.60 

                                                                        Humble hauling.

                                                      Earth Lovers series in Fig & Rosemary.

                Deep Sleep Comforting Milk Bath Float and Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Gel.

Spa Wisdom Morocco series Argan & Orange Blossom Bath and Shower Oil.

Sightings of stuffs:
1.Accessories such as makeup pouches, clutches, nail buffers, nail separators, bath lilies and brushes for babies.
2.Skincare: Seaweed series, Vitamin C series, Tea Tree series, Vitamin E series, Moisture White Shiso series, Nutriganic series and a few items from the Natrulift series (mainly mini sized ones).
3.Home Fragrance: some home fragrance oil, 1 reed diffuser and 2 or 3 room sprays.
4.Hair care: selected Rainforest haircare series, Ice Blue shampoo, Banana conditioner and Grapeseed glossing serum.
5.Body care: tons of bodybutter, jumbo sized bodywash in 750ml, earth lovers series, Christmas series (the ginger, cranberry and vanilla range), scrubs and body lotions.
6.Makeup: 2 shimmer cubes (eyecolours), 1 shimmer wave (more bronzy kind of colour tone), Honey Bronze Bronzing powder, Brow definer, mascara, liquid eyeliner, single eye colours, lightening touch concealer, some liquid foundation (only 1 or 2 shades), flawless skin protecting foundation, moisture white shiso perfecting foundation (and case too separately) as well as the Moisture White Shiso BB cream, lip and cheek stain, some hi-shine lip treatment gloss (mini ones) and some lipbalms in selected colours.
7. Fragrances: 3 for men and a selected few for ladies.
8.Some gift sets and boxes.
9.Lots of travel sized toiletries available (from bodyscrub to bodybutter, showergels, bodyscrubs and facial wash plus creams).

Personally, i think its quite well stocked for trial sized products and if you do count bodybutters and scrubs as your essentials, it will be a fruitful trip for you. You will be disappointed if you are going there to stocked up on your makeup and fragrance essentials, as i do find their range of makeup for the sale is considerably little compared to the ones i have been to.

All in all, its quite worth the trip if you have time to spare, but do be careful about the expiry or manufacturing date of the products, some are maufactured in 2010 while there are quite a few manufactured just this year.

The sale is currently still on till 3rd of August 2012.

Address: Concorde Hotel Singapore, Concorde Ballroom Level 3 (Enter from the entrance where there is a bus stop in front, turn to the right, take the escalator up one floor then turn right down the end turn left, you should be able to see people gathering around). From 10.30am to 8.30pm.

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