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Promotion and Review: Elle Singapore August Issue and Nuxe Beauty Kit

So much things to do and yet so little time.

I am still in the midst of sorting out my living space and given the amount of room i have to work with, each and every item has to be carefully planned for.

Of course, the only exception would be personal grooming products (yes, skincare, cosmetics and such) : ).

Ok, i am drifting away from the point of this post......

Elle Singapore August issue is having a promotion with French Skincare brand NUXE, with purchase of every copy of the magazine (and this issue comes with the Elle Beauty Book 2012), one gets a beauty kit consisting of the famous Huile Prodigieuse 10ml (multi-usage dry oil for face, body and hair), Reve De Miel 15ml  (face and body ultra-rich cleansing gel for dry and sensitive skin) and Nuxe Body 15ml (24hr moisturizing body lotion for dry skin). Apart from those beauty freebies, one gets a waterproof toiletries pouch (which comes in blue or orange) and a S$5.00 voucher from Beauty by Nature (expiry date of voucher is 30th September 2012).

I have used Nuxe's Aroma-perfection Purifying Cleansing Gel and the Gentle Toning Lotion with Rose Petals and is quite fond of them, thus curiosity sets in the moment i knew of the promotion and i gotten a set with me home.

Elle Singapore August issue with Elle Beauty Book 2012 and Nuxe Beauty Kit.

Nuxe- My Beauty Kit.

                                                     Short description of the products.

List of ingredients.

The famous Huile Prodigieuse (versatile enough for face, body and hair).

The watery light texture of the oil.

The oil gets absorbed rather fast and dries with a sheen.

Even though i have oily combination skin, i am not against the idea of using oil on my skin type, well depending on the properties of the oil and its usage. So far i have yet to encounter breakouts due to usage of facial treatment oil (i have used Paul & Joe's as well as Clarins), naturally i am interested to find out how the Nuxe's famous oil would fare on me. The texture is lighter than those of Paul & Joe and Clarins, i find that it seems to be able to seep into the skin easier than the two, and it has a drier finish. I have to blot the excess oil off my face for Paul & Joe and Clarins, i don't have to for Nuxe's. I skipped my moisturiser and woke up with my face feeling a tad softer, not greasier. However, having said that it is not supposed to be used everyday, think of it as a treatment oil, 2 to 3 times a week is sufficient.

While Paul & Joe's treatment oil has a nice orange blossom fragrance (if it is bottled as a fragrance, it might be a bestseller for Paul & Joe.... pity they no longer have a counter in Singapore), Clarins smelt largely of plants extracts (a little botanical?), Nuxe's resembles a fragrance (floral ?).

I would prefer to use it on my body more than my face for now, perhaps due to the scent.

Nuxe 24 hr Moisturizing Body Lotion for dry skin.
                                                                 Slightly thick texture.
The lotion spreads thin on the skin, felt very much water based.

                                                       After application of the lotion.

As for the body lotion, i kind of like the water based texture. Unlike some body lotion, it doesn't leave a sticky film and greasy touch even after it should have been absorbed by the skin. It smells a little nutty (not too fond of the scent) but i like the aftermath of applying the body lotion- soft and smooth skin.

I am liking this one.

                                  Nuxe Reve de Miel- face and body ultra-rich cleansing gel.
                                                The watery gel texture of the cleansing gel.

                              It foams easily but not much and the foams formed are quite fine.

                                                 After rinsing off the cleansing gel.

The cleansing gel is supposed to be suitable for both the face and body, i wasn't too impressed by its cleasning ability on the face (i don't like the feel of it, feels like a thin flim on the skin after rinsing),but on the body i like the scent of it as a body wash. Given the price point, it would be quite alright for a facial wash but very expensive for a body wash.

Still sitting on the fence for this one.

                                                   The waterproof toiletries pouch.
It is roomy enough to house my body wash, shampoo, facial wash, body lotion (all travel sized) and still has plenty of room to spare.

I like the fact that the toiletries pouch is roomy enough to house all the necessary that one needs to haul for a trip to gym or even a week's supply for a holiday, plus it is waterproof. My concern is, the material of the pouch doesn't look like it is built to last, i guess since i got it for free there won't be any heart pain if it tears and needs to be trashed at the end of the day.

The S$5.00 gift voucher that comes with it (terms and conditions stated at the back of the voucher).

Now that will come useful if i need to haul anything soon. Good thing the expiry date of the voucher is 30th September 2012. Plenty of time to contemplate what to buy.

I like to read about product reviews and comparisons, especially if its low price point vs high price point and function vs value, which is why i am looking forward to magazines like VOCE.

The Beauty Book 2012 is perhaps trying to be one but i do find that most of the product reviews are of brands that we already know, those that we are all too familar with. I am not a beauty guru and what i blogged about is all my personal experience and opinion of things i would like to share. Everyday should be a learning day, sometimes i felt perhaps that is one of the reason why i stopped reading local fashion or beauty magazines for quite some time.

Why not up game by doing the comparison across price points and maybe more write ups on more obscure upcoming brands ?  

                                                     In this issue of Elle Beauty Book 2012.

What i do like about this issue is the spread about upcoming fashion talents and their works, as well as the bit on fashion news. I like to see and read about beautiful things, that gives me inspiration on what to buy next and even what to do next.

                                                                  Styles to look out for.
Spreads dedicated to feature upcoming fashion talents.

Priced at S$8.00 per copy, available at Books Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City Main Store), while stocks last.

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