Saturday, July 28, 2012

Haul: Art Net Loose Powder Holder from Sasa

I finished the every last bit of my RMK loose powder earlier this month ,and is currently using the Bobbi Brown loose powder that i hauled late last year (yes, it took me that long). It was a big tub of loose powder, at 28.0g vs RMK's 4.0g, i really have no idea how long it will take me to use up the entire tub. 

Bobbi Brown's loose powder seems to be really value for money if one is looking for good old loose powder (i still very much prefer my RMK, even though their price point simply makes people stay away from them- a shame really). While RMK's loose powder is housed in a compact with rubber net to prevent spillage of the precious powder, Bobbi Brown's is housed in a conventional tub, which the klutz in me knocked it over a couple of times on the dresser in the morning frenzy, resulting in unnecessary wastage. The size of the tub also means that it should stay on the dresser table and not to be brought out.

I was in Sasa (a Hongkong based cosmetic retailer that sells skincare and cosmetics from various Asian as well as selected European beauty brands) with my mom and  i came upon this petite and handy loose powder holder. The butterfly resembles that of Anna Sui's which i am rather fond of, it would be better if it comes in black. It comes with a powder puff, which i do not think i am going to make much use of it, maybe except to cover the holes.

Anyway, i bought it without a second thought and the very first moment i reached home, i filled it with my Bobbi Brown's loose powder.  

Art Net Cosmetic Accessory- No labelling of country anywhere.

The Anna Sui-inspired casing.

The lid is rather tight which is good to hold the loose powder in.

My RMK loose powder compact case, which i had to cut the rubber net to reach the product trapped, and that happen to be quite a fair bit of loose powder.

After emptying the RMK loose powder, i filled it with some of Bobbi Brown's loose powder so as not to contaminate the big tub. Apparently, it is not a good idea as without the rubber net, i can't do my makeup without having to close my windows and switching off the fans. 

The petite container adds a nice touch to my dresser.

So far so good, i experience lesser wastage of product due to spillage. However, it seems to me that the container might be rather fragile too, it sounds a little "brittle" when i accidentally dropped the cover on the floor once. Best be careful around it too.

I might get another one if it comes in black, white or even purple. : )

Priced at S$4.90, available from Sasa Stores (Singapore).

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