Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: Chanel Bzyance Topkapi Eyeshadow Quad

No amount of Oohings and Ahhings can express my admiration for this .......eye palette.....adequately.
Why do i say so?

Well, this is really THE eye palatte that neutral eyeshadows palette will die to lay their hands on ..okie, i am exaggerating things here.

BUT, really... have a look below and swatch it out for yourself in real at the selected Chanel counters and you will get what i mean.
Okie, no more chatting. I present THE Chanel Bzyance Topkapi Eyeshadow Quad......

This Collection is inspired by the Bzyantium empire and so there its luxurious in terms of colour payoff (very intense) and texture which glides on so smoothly when i was swatching my own palette (it just pains me to touch the palette so soon... i am simply not fully done admiring it.)

The Topkapi Eyeshadow Quad.

List of ingredients.

The Iconic double interlocking Cs.

Plastic cover protecting the quad.

There you go.... in all glory. Once more......

Swatches : Left to right, top to bottom.

Swatches in better lighting: Left to right, top to bottom. Swatches again.

It is a Chanel, so i don't expect it to be cheap (darn!) but then, i don't expect it to be THAT expensive...

It costs S$95.00 compared to S$91.00 (remember the previous 5 Ombre Perlees eyeshadow palette i acquired not too long ago?).

These beauties just cost more and more... sigh..

When regret almost sets in after i made the payment, it was forgotten immediately when i touched my own palette for the very first time.

Texture wise, there is absolutely nothing to complain at all, nothing. Really. It glides on like a dream, with perhaps the exception of the gold which glides not as smoothly as the rest of the 3 colours but that doesn't affect it one bit.I would say its texture surpassed the 5 ombre eyeshadow palette that i bought previously and could very well be the best among all Chanel palettes. The touch of it simply screams quality and yes, i heart it.

In terms of colour payoff, if the eyeshadows has a texture that glides like a dream, then the colour payoff itself must have been a wetdream to me (excuse me for the analogy, i am unable to think of a better one as i am looking at it AGAIN. : ) ).

It's just brilliant.

I think, you guys must have seen the swatches a zillion times on the internet but... i just had to do it, i kid you not. Forgive me for that.

Now the question.....

Walk towards the counter or walk away from the counter?

Of course, walk towards it and snag one if you still can. Especially if you are a neutral palette fan or if you were never a neutral palette fan, either way you gotta have it (just my 2cents....)

Yes, yes... it is a limited edition.

I am starting to regret not getting a backup now as i am writing....

Price S$95.00 for 4.00g (compared to S$91.00 for 5.00g for Ombres Perlees eyeshadow palette).

Available at selected Chanel counters - Metro Paragon, Isetan Scotts and Marina Bay Sands.

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