Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: MAC Disney Venomous Villians Collection - Maleficient Duo Eyeshadows and Nail polishes

It's here at last!

I am talking about the collaboration between the 2 giants in their own rights - MAC and Disney.

After weeks of blogging by various prominent bloggers worldwide and salivating over some gorgeous items from the collection, the much anticipated collaboration has finally hit our tiny shores on the 7th of October (Tangs) and 8th of October (for the rest of the MAC stores islandwide).

Rumours has it that there was a queue lined up way before Tangs opening hours and the MAC staffs were stuffed with listings and listings of items to be bought, in conclusion- chaotic.

I do not have enough faith that i will win the wrestle for the much converted products with other enthusiastic makeup lovers, i would have missed the Venomous Villians collection entirely if not for a very dear friend, JL who managed to snag the Maleficent Duo Eyeshadows for me. I am not that greedy, so i am a happy deer galloping in the concrete forest with the precious duos in my hands.

Without further delay, i presents the Maleficent Duo Eyeshadows - My Dark Magic and She Who Dares.

The 4 Villians- Dr. Facilier, The Evil Queen, Maleficent and Cruella.

Dr. Facilier.

The Evil Queen.



Top: My Dark Magic and She Who dares. Bottom: Formidable, Green & Mean and Bad Fairy.

The 2 precious Duos.

My Dark Magic.

She Who Dares.

Top view side by side: She Who Dares and My Dark Magic.

Dry Swatches with flash: Violet/Dark Pink (My Dark Magic), Green/Blue (She Who Dares).

Dry Swatches without flash: Violet/Dark Pink (My Dark Magic), Green/Blue (She Who Dares).

Green & Mean.

Bad Fairy.


Not part of the Disney Venomous Villians collection, only for comparison purposes.

Originality from the Pret-a-Papier collection.

L-R(with flash): Mean & Green, Bad Fairy, Formidable and Originality.

Mean & Green (without flash).

Bad Fairy (without flash).

Formidable (without flash).

Originality (Pret-a-Papier) without flash.

L-R: Originality, Formidable, Bad Fairy and Mean & Green (Without flash).

Review of the eyeshadow duos:

Frankly speaking, i would expect alot of fallouts (but lemming them for the wickedly gorgeous colours), but surprisingly application-wise is smooth and the colour payout is intense plus its a rather generous 3.5g (the usual MAC single eyeshadow is 1.3g). As for the description of colours, i think one can easily see in the photos above, so no need for the long story.

There are some glitters in the colour itself but shouldn't pose too much of a problem, it simply means that the colours are not really appropriate for office wear (obviously, unless you are in the fashion related industry, perhaps then). JL suggested that i can try to shake out the glitters on the brush so perhaps it will be more wearable for office. Hm...... will try to see if it will work that way.

In conclusion, wickedly gorgeous colours, uniquely seductive combination- love it to the core. : )

Review of the Nail Polishes (Mean & Green, Bad Fairy and Formidable):

The nail polishes are lent to me by the courtesy of JL (Thank you : )). Application wise, as one can see there are tiny glitters in the polishes, so in terms of application it is not as smooth as cream polishes.

The colours are in a word- beautiful and matches the theme totally, but I am rather disappointed in the sense that all 3 takes 3 coats to show the colours opaque beautifully. This is not what i had expected as Originality (Pret-a-Papier collection) takes only 2 coats to show its colour nicely opaque. Maybe the formula is different.

Out of the 3, i would say Bad Fairy is the most unique of all and if i have to pay an exorbitant price for it in Evil Bay, i would gladly do so (that is if i would kill for it). Other than that, Mean & Green is nice but doesn't really capture my heart and Formidable is nothing its name says.

Hope my 2 cents worth are useful here.

Priced at S$35.00 each for the Eyeshadow duo (3.5g) and S$19.00 each for the nail polishes (10ml).

Status: Totally soldout everywhere, Evil Bay is the last resort.

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