Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Time for Indulgence - Chanel SoHo de Chanel Highlighter and Blusher

A Time for Indulgence?

Yes, indeed.

In fact that's a perfect excuse i have found for hauling this WANT home...

My well deserved haul sitting comfortably inside the paper bag.

The iconic packaging that sends my heart fluttering at lot of time.

A closer look at the present.

Admiring it again... : ) I sure am obsessive.

The mystery unravelled.

Chanel SoHo de Chanel Highlighter & Blusher.

The brush that accompanies it and of course, the jewel.

The star of the Chanel SoHo collection.

3 strips of colours- medium reddish brown, pale light pink and soft ivory white (All matte).

A Highlighter & Blusher-Duo usage is a yay in my book anytime. : )

Considering that Chanel is nowhere found in my list of beauty arsenals, it is for a good reason - $.

Despite saying that, Peter Philips (Creative Director of Chanel Beauty) as well as Karl Lagerfeld (couture) never fail to churn out serious lemmings season after season and i have been behaving myself... avoiding all Chanel counters.

Until this one came along.... Totally stole my heart at just one glance...

Beautiful practical colours, its not a print on (meaning the colours won't just rub away as most highlighters and blushers with motiffs does), its non shimmery (wholesome matte) and i have just the most legitimate reason to get it this month.. Its my Birthday, and so there after contemplating for almost a week (can't really wait too long, its LE!)... Here it is!

Still admiring it in its pristine condition, so give me a little time to do the swatches..

Priced at S$100.00 for 13g 0r 0.43oz, available at all Chanel Counters.

Note: Its pricer than all the previous Chanel's collection for Highlighters and Blushers.. the USD price remains the same (USD65), so perhaps its a price increment of some sort. : (

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