Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jill Stuart Christmas Coffret 2009

This is something that i have been contemplating for the longest time - to unwrap it or not?

It is a arduous process on deciding to open it since i have received it from my dear bff J.L. early this year and it took me almost one week to finally made up my mind to unwrap the delicately wrapped "cake".

Presenting ...... the Jill Stuart Christmas Coffret 2009......

This coffret set cost around S$120 after all that currency conversion if i am not mistaken. Trust me, i am so elated when i got to know that JL's sister-in-law's brother is able to snag 1 for me on the day that it was launched in Hong Kong. I have heard all the raves and lemmings for Jill Stuart's Christmas set.. how coveted it is.. how pretty and how value for money it is..

The truth is.. i am a sucker for pretty packaging.. this is so true in this case whereby everything by Jill Stuart is so princessy... and so i took the plunge without even being able to feel and see the item in real life (usually i would hover around the counters and assess the item before handling over my money willingly).

Being a seasonal item produced in limited quantities could only mean that it would be near impossible to get hold of one. Last year, i got lucky and i am glad to see that last year's set consist of a full sized limited edition highlight powder with brush, a full sized jar jelly eye color, a deluxe size lip gloss, a near full sized nail color and a sheet of nail decoration.

The highlight powder is something different from the eye color palette that Jill Stuart usually include in their much anticipated Christmas Coffret set. From what i have googled, they include a limited edition blusher (blush blossom), a jelly eye color, a lip gloss, a night jewel perfumed body powder and fake eyelashes all contained in a cream colored satin pouch decorated with delicate black lace.

It's rather clever of them to state that all the colors in the Christmas Coffret sets are limited edition colors.. like in the case of last year's set....but nowadays i am beginning to feel the draw of limited edition gradually losing their grip on me....

Ha! We shall wait and see how my sense of self-control is holding up....

Now! The Jill Stuart Christmas Coffret 2009!

Pretty pastry-like paper bag.

All the goodies in the "Cake".

A closer look at the lovelies.

The near-heaven soft brush and the highlighter.

The flat highlighter brush (pretty motifs and pink jewel in the middle).

The limited edition jelly eye color (a slight lavender pink color).

A sheet of sweet nail decoration sticker.

What interest me most in this coffret set are the highlighter (obviously) and the jelly eye color. The rest of the items like the lip gloss and nail color look pretty much like what the permanent like is offering except that they are limited edition colors as stated. I will be swatching the items very soon, so stay around for the post. : )

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  1. I hope you don't take another 1 year to open up your Benefit coffret set..