Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review: Guerlain Ombre Eclat Eyeshadows

Finally.. some time to give these lovelies a review...

Today, the review will be done on the 4 Eyeshadow singles that i hauled during my Luxasia warehouse sale late August this year.

I would say at 3.6g or 0.12oz, these Eyeshadow singles are possibly the largest in the market as far as i know and have seen... MAC's are 1.3g or 0.04oz if i am not mistaken. From what i understand, these are not limited editions and should be available all year round at various Guerlain counters unless they decide to discontinue it one day.

The retail price of these lovelies are S$50.oo each, Tangs used to have a promotion 2 for S$50.oo. Well, lady luck is on my side that say, i have gotten them at a sale for S$10.00 each, nothing beats a deal like that. : )

Alright, without further delay....

I present..... L'instant Nuit (180), L'instant Emeraude (181), L'instant Fume (180) and L'instant Coquin (160).

Beautiful compact and it comes with its own cover.

Packagingwise, Guerlain never fails to impress me with the sleek and classy casing that gives off a solid "click" when you close it, my only gripe is the high polish shiny surface is unfortunately a fingerprints magnet... sigh...

L-R: L'instant Nuit, L'instant Emeraude, L'instant Fume and L'instant Coquin.

Scentwise, Guerlain's point makeup products are usually rather heavily scented, for instance its bestselling meteorites smells of floral, its lipstick and glosses of something vanilla which i can't place a finger. The eyeshadow singles do not possess any scent (it will be weird if they did, to me).

L'instant Nuit 182.

L'instant Emeraude 181.

L'instant Fume 180.

L'instant Coquin 160.

Close up swatches of the eyeshadow singles.

Texturewise, there is a difference in the way the eyeshadow singles feel and applicationwise, they vary between the slighty dry and hard to soft and shimmery to smooth and soft.

L'instant Nuit is a lovely black with micro bits of golden flecks in it, i looks really gorgeous in the pan, however upon application, the eyeshadow feels a little hard and dry (it hasn't expired yet) and the colour payout is raher sheer, i would definitely need to build up the colour intensity with a few applications for the colour to stand out. I swatched about 4 times for the colour to show up as seen in the last picture. I just wish it applies just like the colour shown in the pan.

It is same case for L'instant Emeraude, such a rare and lovely rich olive green yet the colour payout is pale in comparison to what you see in the pan. Sigh.. the texture is a little hard and dry too.

For L'instant Fume, i did not encounter any difficulty in application and all it took is 1 swatch for the colour to show, i swatched twice to capture then sheen in the eyeshadow. It is a nice mauve beige brown (i am trying my best to describe it). Not bad at all.

Among the 4 singles, the 1 that i expect the least performs the best for me, L'instant Coquin is the 1 that i actually thought long and hard, holding it in my hands for almost 20 mins before i made up my mind to purchase it (can you believe it? i am hesitating during such a sale...). L'instant Coquin is not a difficult colour to wear nor it is a ugly colour, it is a pale soft pink that some thinks its easy to find a dupe and considering that i am quite tan, it might not show up on me at all.

Well, surprise surprise surprise... L'instant Coquin is my favourite because its soft and smooth... on contrary to what i thought, it applies like a dream with my MAC 217 on the crease of my eyes (the original intention was to use it as a base). The colour did show up and i get compliments that i look fresher (well, initially they can't exactly say why until i showed them). It shows up as a very lovely subtle pink on my eyelids. So, i can use it as a base and a "eye freshener", as i always say anything that works well and has duo usage is a Yay in my books....

I am currently 1 month into L'instant Coquin which i wore almost everyday (5 days out of 7) and Guerlain's "G" is gone, would have gotten a backup if i knew its going to be that useful to me..

In conclusion, despite L'instant Nuit and L'instant Emeraude did not really match my expectations, nevertheless they are beautiful colours that one can buildup the intensity gradually as one prefers (just a personal preference that i like something a little more intense). I love all the 4, and yes, i will be looking forward to the next Luxasia warehouse sale. : )

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