Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review: OPI Tickle My France-y, Barefoot in Barcelona, Over the Taupe and You Don't Know Jacques

Never say never.
This is what i have learnt from my recent OPI Nail Polish haul from a shopping spree with my girlfriends. I was never a nail polish kind of gal and even if i were to choose a colour to wear, BROWN would never be one of the top choices. I have naturally olive tan skin tone, so the idea of wearing brown on my light to medium dark skin tone isn't one of the most flattering idea around.
Of course, this is untill this recent OPI spree, and i realised Browns are indeed my kind of colour, especially those that tends towards the neutral spectrum. They work for my skin tone, even made my stubby fingers seem more slender.
Okie, i will cut it short this time.... Introducing my OPI Browns......
From L-R: Tickle My France-y, Barefoot in Barcelona, Over the Taupe and You Don't Know Jacques.

Tickle My France-y.

Barefoot in Barcelona.

Over the Taupe.

You Don't Know Jacques.

Over the Taupe for attending my Brother's Convocation.

Colours from Left to Right: Tickle My France-y, Barefoot in Barcelona, Over the Taupe, You Don't Know Jacques and Tickle My France-y.

My Favourite Combination.
I didn't realise that i have picked 4 browns out of the 10 that i have chosen for the shopping spree and they looked like they are in harmony when the 4 bottles are placed side by side together.
Tickle My France-y is the lightest shade of brown among the 4 and it is actually very neutral which i believe would suit all skin tones. If i remember correctly, it is one of the colours released in the OPI La Collection de France Collection. This colour is quite sheer with 1 application (looks very natural), it would take about 2 applications for the colour to appear opaque.
Barefoot in Barcelona from the OPI Spain Collection is a light brown that has quite a fair bit of red in it, so i would say this would look more flattering for fairer skin tone. 1 application is sufficient to achieve a nice coat of colour.
Over the Taupe from the OPI Bright Pair collection is part of the OPI permanent collection, it has a close resemblance to Chanel's Particuliere (I was told). However, i do not have Chanel's Particuliere to do a swatch comparison here. Nevertheless, it is a unique colour that is a little mousy (for lack of a better description) but with a touch of elegance. This is my favourite out of all 4.
You Don't Know Jacques is also from the OPI La Collection de France Collection just like Tickle My France-y. It is a nice mushroom brown, a little like chocolate with a slight touch of gray. This is a unique colour too, it is my 2nd favourite among the 4.

Application-wise, OPI nail polishes generally performs well, smooth application with no streaks at all. 2 coats to achieve the opaque look.
I would say, i love all of them, especially if worn together (see the last picture).

Priced at S$23.50 for 15ml at Sephora Singapore and S$23.55 at Metro Paragon. Otherwise, start a spree with your girlfriends, its well worth the hassle.

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